The Best Tricks to Exercise Your Creativity

Creativity is the ability to come up with new ideas. In fact, it is much more important than you think. It makes a huge difference in your studies as well as in your professional life. Because it allows you to be more proactive, and flexible, and generate new concepts.

Many students buy reflective essay because they lack the creativity to write papers. But, this can be corrected and this skill can be developed.

The good news is that if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, there are several exercises you can do to make the most of this ability. Today we’re going to look at some techniques to help you learn how to stimulate creativity.

In this way, you will begin to see the world from a different perspective and with a creativity that will characterize and distinguish you from others.

Can Creativity Be Strengthened and Realized?

Definitely yes, and there are three exercises you can try to unleash your creativity:


 Known as brainstorming, this practice promotes problem-solving action through dialogue and group participation. It does so by bringing ideas together and freeing the mind, as two minds always think better than one and approach a problem differently.

Because group interaction increases creativity, it allows a range of ideas to be sparked that can hardly be reached alone. Therefore, as a work team leader, brainstorming can be used to change the sales method or to innovate other activities that arise in the group.


This method is also a creative technique that can be used and applied to an idea or product when it does not convince us. The goal is to improve the idea or product and to do this, it must be examined from different angles. In this way, failures can be detected and solutions can begin to be found.

Having detected these failures, various questions can be answered creatively. In fact, these are questions that should revolve around seven concepts: Substitute, Combine, Adjust, Modify, Put to other uses, Eliminate, Reverse.

Combine Objects

According to the best college essay writing services, combining objects is a very simple technique to stimulate creativity, it involves creating two lists with different objects that have no connection between them. In this case, the idea is to find a creative connection between objects, and in doing so we can find two options.

The first option is two disparate objects together with a list of their attributes, while the second option deals with two lists of disparate, unrelated objects. Once you start using this technique, you will notice how your skills and abilities improve.

How to Stimulate Creativity?

In addition to the three techniques mentioned above to understand how to stimulate creativity, there are various ways to develop it.


Creating drawings without a specific shape can improve concentration and memorization by 29%. In fact, many famous authors have noted that great thinkers have used doodling to awaken creativity.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone to Exercise Your Creativity

In case you didn’t know, creativity is sparked when you decide to step out of your comfort zone. So it’s time to try a new activity that generates new ideas.

What can you do? You can learn a new language or sign up for a class related to a topic that is not familiar to you but appeals to you.

Take an Idea Notebook with You to Exercise Your Creativity

Yes, you can carry a notepad with you or use a note-taking app where you can write down everything that comes to mind throughout the day.

What’s more, you can even use voice notes so you don’t forget anything. Whether it’s a small idea or an unfinished one, write it down and then see how it develops and add new material.

This practice is very useful and can be the beginning of wonderful projects in which your creativity will be valuable.

Create a Supportive Environment for Your Creativity

If someone told you that you will never be creative, they are sorely mistaken. The reality is that we can all be creative people, we are just afraid of criticism from others.

In this case, developing creativity requires being in an environment where, instead of stifling the process, your initiatives and new ideas, no matter how strange they may seem, are stimulated.

For this reason, you need to look for an environment in which you feel comfortable and where no one will question your ideas. There are companies, such as Google, that value the creativity of their employees and take care to encourage it, and then analyze every contribution they make.

Do Things with Your Own Hands

What do we mean by that? Making things with your own hands helps you clear your mind to stimulate the creative process. That’s why sculpting figures out of play dough or Legos distracts the mind, and many companies encourage their employees to use them during the workday.

You can also place a few toys on your desk to start developing your creativity in surprising ways.


These are the best techniques you can put into practice to exercise your creativity. If you didn’t know how to stimulate creativity, you have no more excuses to do it and bring better ideas to your work team.

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