Sexiest Costumes & Lingerie That Will Spice Up Your Marriage or Relationship

Want to Spice Up Your Marriage or Relationship? Check Out These 10 Best Sexiest Costumes

Every relationship can be tough from time to time, but not with these outfits! If you’re a woman and you’re reading this – we know that some of these outfits are probably uncomfortable to wear, but hey, they’re beautiful to look at! So, “man up” and then later you can blackmail him into doing whatever you want.

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If you’re a man reading this, well – enjoy the scenery.

1. Sexy Nurse Costume

When he sees your dressed like this, not only will he ask you to marry him but will also stop being afraid of hospitals. It’s a win-win.

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2. Seductive Lingerie

A romantic evening, candles, sexy underwear? Check, check and check.

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3. Schoolgirl Costume

Okay, this has got to be every man’s favourite fantasy. If you truly want your man to become your puppet, wear this. You’ll thank us later.

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4. Black Lace Upskirt

You want something a little darker? You got it. You will look terrifying. Terrifyingly sexy, that is. Perfect for a BDSM  party as well.

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5. Open Lingerie

You can already imagine it, can you? Wait, you don’t need to imagine anything because you can see everything – everything that matters at least.

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6. Sexy Santa Costume

What’s the perfect gift you can give your husband or boyfriend for Christmas? That’s right, it’s you. You’re both Santa and the gift. It’s a 2 in 1.

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7. Alarmingly Sexy Panties

They’ll look so good on you that your man actually might not want to take them off. You’re in a pickle here.

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8. Fishnet Bodysuit

Whether your man likes fishing or not, he’ll definitely love this see-through fishnet. And he’ll enjoy the catch even more.

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9. Micro Skirt

No, not mini, but micro. Might be a little slutty, sure, but all is fair in love and war. Except this is pure love only. Party all night long, couples!

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10. Officer Costume

How do you plead? Guilty! Arrest me right away. I’m the most wanted man on earth, but you’re the real most wanted if you know what I mean. Wear this and let the justice system do the rest. But, men, please don’t say this to a real officer, okay?

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It’s not always what’s underneath. Sometimes, it’s just what’s on the surface. Which outfit will you choose? Although it probably doesn’t matter – your man will go insane either way. And then he’s all yours.

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