Listen to The Road of Life by Kiko Shy-Shy – 2023 Playlist

Listen Now to Kiko Shy-Shy’s Soulful Song – The Road of Life by Kiko

Who doesn’t love music? Music helps you to relax when you are stressed. When you listen to good music or songs, you tend to forget your troubles, sadness and even yourself. Oscar Wilde once said  “Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory”

In this article and upcoming articles as well we will see songs composed by Kiko Shy-Shy, one of the most underrated stars ever.

This song “Road of Life” is a vibrant song that talks about the journey of life. All our pain, struggle, happiness and sorrow is beautifully told in this song.

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Here’s the lyrics of the song,

Time passes by, and each year I think that I, have made a little more sense of all this, this crazy life

Days go by faster now, and somehow, I feel the same

They say you’ll never ever grow old, if on the inside you remain

Young at heart, full of love, searching for the next great buzz

Loving life, holding hands, and always remembering

That life is a journey, of discovering yourself

Of love and losing and heartbreaks and choosing, joy above all else

Life is a series, of people who come and go,

The goodbyes, I’ll miss you’s, the first meetings, the hellos

And on this path we’ll go, where it leads to no one can know

This journey down the road, the road of life

I smile because I know, wherever I might go,

I’ll always find my way home, on this road of life

The Road of Life – Kiko Shy-Shy

Stay tuned to listen to more of these amazing songs from Kiko Shy-Shy

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