Review of The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod 

The Miracle Morning: Book Review

What do I like the most? By following a balanced state of a kind, respecting the schedule as planned in mind, one may work and determine a bright future.

The author opines to start one’s day with positive thoughts, and if the beginning of the day begins with hope, the entire day would be full of hope, and ultimately, success in whatever endeavour one does would be fruitful. Everyone desires to be above mediocrity. The past, present, and future may form a timeline, but the present has its roots in history, and the gift would lead to the end. Hence, the determination to build one’s future has its relevance in the present moment. Human life is a series of events. An individual’s liking and action determine their quality of life. The author suggests the reader do the right things rather than doing elementary things. Illustrating a minor example, the author shows what is right. Many people set the alarm at night to wake up at an appointed time in the morning. So when the alarm clock awakens the person, they pressed the snooze button. Most people have this habit. While pressing the alarm button to close, the person doesn’t think that the day’s status would be delayed if they don’t get up and follow their routine. Hence a moment’s delay may spoil the entire day. 

Accountability is another significant factor in a person’s life. It is human nature to resist accountability. 

The present moment and the action one is performing, I’d lay down the foundation for tomorrow regarding quality and direction of life. 

Another practical tip from the author, as soon as one wakes up in the morning, one must drink water in sufficient quantity to prevent dehydration. Why? Because a dehydrated body experiences fatigue. Finally, one can deduce that it is upon a person to use the moment in the morning and turn the morning into a miracle one. 

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Dave P
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