Review of Mini Habits by Stephen Guise 

Mini Habits: Book Review

What did I like most? The detailed description of small habits that can become a second nature of man following small patterns for a longer time forms an individual’s behaviour.

The author talks about habits because habits form the second nature of man. Patterns are not created in a day. Routines may be good or bad. The practices derive inspiration from specific motivators. 

The author believes in the practical philosophy of gradual advancement in human life. The author thoroughly appreciates a man who remained engaged in minor acts daily. In the author’s opinion, any pet engaged in doing work is far better than a person who prefers to do practically nothing. Similarly, a person who likes to work a lot just one day does not appreciate the author’s appreciation. 

It is instead a typical behaviour of people to complain and blame themselves for backwardness. Such people do not focus on identifying and blame their strategies. 

Investment may be of many types. Any person who likes to invest time and energy in personal fitness and learning would undoubtedly be interested in investing in good habits that yield good dividends as enhancing confidence. 

Hence, a small habit induces a person towards small positive input, leading to more positivity and progress. 

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