Review Living with the Himalayan Masters: Swami Rama

A Quick Review of Living with the Himalayan Masters

The thing I liked about the book was how the book opens up to the human mind on the spirituality of the highest order.

The author based the book on the spiritual journey of Swami Rama. He gives an insight into his spiritual enlightenment. He discusses his relationship not only with his spiritual master but with other spiritual masters, too. Through this book, only one knows about the Himalayas and the spiritual practices of the saints and their disciples. The book is more than an autobiography as one comes to know about spirituality and monks’ distinct orders in other places of the Himalayas. The Yoga and Tantra disciplines may be new, but the yogis in India have practised in the western world but exist in India since ancient days. The book can guide spiritual seekers because it describes all those holy places in the Himalayas. The description of these sacred places gives a firsthand glimpse and mesmerizes the reader. Away from the world of materialism, Swami Ram takes the reader on a journey to the Himalayas. It may surprise readers when Swami Rama talks of Jesus and his image in the Himalayas. He mentions visiting Maharishi Raman’s ashram in south India. 

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