Don’t Give Two Shits: Guide to Navigating The Modern Worlds Insanity

Don’t Give Two Shits – A Book That Teaches How To Care About What Actually Matters

Modern society, by design, confuses us and keeps humans in perpetual anxiety with an unhealthy addiction to the future. Don’t Give Two Shits was born out of necessity after growing increasingly confused and almost cracking up at the seeming madness that surrounds each and every one of us.

The purpose of Don’t Give Two Shits should not be mistaken for not caring; the book is, in fact, quite the opposite. It’s about choosing to care. That’s right, you only have so many minutes in your life, each one of them the only thing we can really control. Yet, our minds race with anxiety, predication and, almost by design, negativity.

Choose The Shits You Give Wisely

By consuming Don’t Give Two Shits, you will in fact learn to give a shit about the only thing that really matters: the things you can control. Each one of us can either take life by the balls and ride the wave, each choice leading to the next, or let life ride us.

Drawing upon universal truths, human psychology and physics, Don’t Give Two Shits will put you back in the driving seat of your life. Our thoughts and how we perceive the world around us can be trained and retrained; what the mainstream wants is you hooked on blind fear. Why? Because fear sells, and fear leads to consumption. By waking up and through knowing yourself and only giving a shit about what you choose to, then your life will open up to possibilities that you may not have even thought of yourself.

Learn to be more than the sum of your socially manufactured neuroplasticity and start forging your own pathways. Fill your brain with what you want and build a future that is one of hope, desire and doing what you were born to do, not what you have been trained to do. Don’t Give Two Shits will open your mind and your loci of control to a future that puts you in charge and will help deprogramme your brainwashing to help you find yourself.

Practical Self-Help For People Who Give a Shit

The book makes no apologies for telling it how it is; ultimately, it’s your life, and your opportunity to experience the world and all its glory. If you are ready for the next chapter in the life you want to lead, the first stage is to change your perception. Don’t Give Two Shits is a door into the next part of your jorney, now knock and wait or, if you’re ready, open the door and begin the rest of your life. 

Max Ignatius Atlas
Max Ignatius Atlas
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