Change Your Life by Reading Atomic Habits by James Clear

Stay Productive with Atomic Habits

I like the book because the author emphasizes the small things in life and provides them with meaning. 

Human life is a gift of nature. Nature has provided human beings with a beautiful body. Though the patterns may appear howsoever tiny, they play a significant role in a human being’s life. Hence the writer coins the word Atomic. As everyone knows, the atom is the smallest part of an element, but the atom or atoms or habits make up the system of a man. Or any human being is habits. Good habits enhance the quality of life. Whereas bad habits hamper and put a hindrance in the system. Hence a set of good practices or atomic habits can help a person change in their life. Thus changes that appear small at first glance play an essential part in producing outstanding results. They cannot achieve these results in a week or month, but a gradual and regular practice certainly shows satisfying results. 

As has been discussed earlier, habits are the blocks for the development of the system. To attain success in human life, one must strive to have a robust approach to success. Hence individual goals are unnecessary, but the system must be viable enough to show excellent results. More important than setting goals; is to wish what one desires to become. Behaviour is the key to success in life. Hence, to attain success, one must focus on change in behaviour, taking the habits as a tool for change. The question may arise about improving the quality of habits conducive to change or giving the best results. Apart from habits, the environment plays a significant role in shaping human behaviour. Therefore “success is a product of daily habits- not once in a lifetime transformations.” 

The habits, good or bad, have a relation with time. The good habits or the bad ones multiply with time. Hence good practices in a long time act as friends, and bad habits act as enemies. To quote the writer, “Goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to these results”. The most important factor required to develop a good habit and break a dangerous practice is improving. The change works on three parameters:

  • A difference in one’s outcome
  • A change in one’s processes
  • A change in one’s identity

Again, to quote the writer,” Outcomes are about what you get. Processes are about what you can do. Identity is about what you believe”. The writer emphasizes that there would be resistance in adopting change in behaviour patterns and ultimately in the system. Hence, the emphasis must be on figuring out the idea and not controlling it. 

Why and how do habits play an essential role in changing individual behaviour?

It is the individual’s goal to determine the habit that can help him get the type of person they wish to be. A sustained practice allows the human brain to predict specific outcomes. When the patterns are, they help lead to successful behavioural change and bring awareness regarding usage habits.

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