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Some people love sunny weather but there are also some people who prefer snow. You can never blame them because the pristine, crystalline color of it makes it a rather magical view. If you have a travel blog, you can use Public Domain Free Stock Photos of Antarctica that you can find in Public Domain Photography.

  • Seal the deal. One of the most interesting things to discover in Antarctica is the fauna. There are many different kinds of animals that inhabit the place – the creatures of the cold. One of the cutest animals that you can see in Antarctica is the seal. You can opt to use action photos of seals diving into the water in your blog website.
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  • Perfect Penguin. Another Antarctica animal that you can show your blog readers or followers is the Emperor Penguin. This snow animal looks like it carries the sunset with it no matter where it goes. You will love the vibrant colors of sunset on its head and around its neck against its white fur. Seeing such any use stock free stock images of the emperor penguin will make your readers want to touch or even hug one.

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  • Let it snow. Perhaps the most popular view in Antarctica is its snow-capped ridges. It looks like a scene from the animated film Frozen. The magnificent view is just perfectly showing shades of white and blue through the ocean, the various shades of colors in the mountains, and all of it against a clear blue sky as the backdrop.

You will love looking at these no watermarked free stock photos just like how your readers will love looking at them. These pictures will take your readers to Antarctica anytime of the day.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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