Best e-Readers | Book Friendly Tablets

Top 5 e-Readers | Book Friendly Tablets

e-Reader serves as the savior for book lovers who are out for vacation. Book lovers own thousands of books in their collection. I am sure, they must get frustrated when on vacation. In this situation, getting an e-reader tablet is an absolute choice and a solution.

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Regarding types, we have two main versions of e-readers. First is classic tablet and the second one is E-ink mimics. If you are the one who is in love with the print of books. Then get E-ink mimic. But the word of caution, on E-ink, mimic the quality of pictures will be poor. It’s up to you. Because both tablets serve the reading purpose.

Here I have listed down top e-readers in the market. Let’s see which one suits our needs.

1- Kindle Voyage e-reader:

When it comes to book friendly tablet, Kindle comes the first in mind. I am sure, you must be aware of this brand. The voyage is the latest and ultimate e-reader of Kindle. Regarding design and thickness, it is the slim gadget perfect for reading. It has the crisp and sharp display for superb reading. You also get a paper like display plus built in light adjustment control. It is easy to adjust the light of the screen as per the surrounding. My verdict, it is the best one.

2- Amazon Kindle:

I can’t help it. But for e-reader list, Kindle is the dominating brand. If you have arranged the budget, then go for Amazon Kindle. Amazon Kindle delivers the supreme environment for readability. Users always leave positive reviews about its user-friendly touch screen. The compelling part is the access to Kindle store. You can choose from million of books from Kindle store.

3- Kindle Paperwhite:

Apologies if you are not a Kindle fan. But on the serious note, Kindle has an amazing range of e-reader. Kindle Paperwhite is one of them. Regarding performance and features, it is similar to Kindle Voyage. The prominent fact about Paperwhite is the effective backlight for better reading experience. If you ever go out of the wifi area, you can browse through a 3G network.

4- Nook Glowlight:

Nook Glowlight is famous for awesome performance in the dark. It is brighter than Kindle Paperwhite. It is popular due to its light weight and better reading experience in the darker environment.

5- iPad Air 2:

iPad Air 2 may not give you e-ink display. But it is the perfect option if you are the graphic novel lover or magazine fan. You can have access to Apple’s iBook store. iPad Air 2 offers much more than a traditional e-reader.

So these are the most popular choices for e-readers. My opinion is still with Kindle. Which one is your favorite?

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