What’s in a Name – Free Images of Children’s Names and Meaning 

Free Images of Children’s Names and Meaning 

Parents usually choose names with significance when deciding on a name for their babies. Sometimes, they go for name combinations – combination of husband and wife’s names, combination of grandparents’ names, and so on. However, there are also people who choose names with beautiful meanings. You can help parents choose a name for their babies through a blog post. Your readers will love it, especially for those who have parenting blogs. Public Domain Photography has numerous photos of baby names and meaning. You can use these Public Domain Free Stock Photos for such blog posts:

  • In choosing a name, spirituality or religion is one of the major factors that come into play. One good example is Abdiel. It is actually a biblical name which means “servant of God”. It was mentioned once in Chronicles. It is a known name of a seraph who fought in God’s side against Lucifer.

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  • While some may think that Aartis somehow linked to art, it is not. It actually means “as powerful as an eagle”. When choosing among animals as some kind of familiar for your baby, the eagle is one of the most popular choices. Eagles are known for their strength as well as for their unique way of dealing with strong winds and even storms. Instead of stopping their flight to let the wind pass, they fly higher so that they are higher than the storm. You can also tell your readers about this in your blog post and choose any use stock free stock images to go with it.

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  • If you are a minimalist even when it comes to your baby’s name, you can also go for Aatami. It is a simple name with a simple meaning. It means “man”. That may be one word but it embodies a myriad of meanings.

Help your readers choose the best name for their babies through these No watermarked free stock photos that you can use in your blog or website.

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