Misconceptions About Car Shipping in Australia!

There will be many myths and truths about the quality of services and expectations in every industry, and the car transport industry is no different. Myths are common misconceptions that people believe in simply because other people do. When we hear something from others, we think it is true. 

Now, assumptions are not based on facts. So, we better not assume. Instead, we should research and ask our car transport providers questions that specifically relate to your situation and vehicle transportation needs. 

Here, we will debunk some common myths and misconceptions about car transport.

Depot-to-depot car transport is less expensive than door-to-door.

Now, you are looking to get your car picked up from the door of your house in Perth and want it transported to your new house’s door on Gold Coast. You will think that door-to-door car transport Perth to Gold Coast will cost you more than a depot-to-depot service. 

However, that might not be the case for every service provider, as some depots may charge an extra fee to store your car in their depot. This can raise your final shipping cost and cancel out the expected advantages of depot-to-depot transport.

Open-car transport is not safe for auto shipping.

Another popular misconception is that open-air transport will cause damage to your car. It is not the case, as both open-air and enclosed carriers are completely safe for your vehicle. The safety of your car will entirely depend upon the service provider you choose. 

Many auto movers companies can offer you both close and open car transport Townsville to Melbourne to its customers. Choose the company after doing your thorough research. 

Avoid brokers and deal directly with the carrier.

If you find a car transport company that is both a carrier and a broker, you are in luck. But this is an ideal situation. Many brokers will provide a competitive environment in which carriers compete against each other to get your car transportation contract. 

This may seem significant from a price standpoint, but you must be very careful. Reconsider the offer if you have contacted a broker only. When dealing with a car carrier, you may be forced to deal with an inferior customer relations department that cannot update you on your car delivery. 

As soon as you book their services, it seems that the carriers will do everything to avoid your calls or following up on enquiries. This can hamper your experience as you will not know where your car is on the road and have no easy way of finding out.

There is no need to gather knowledge about the shipping company.

Many ignore this fact and don’t gather information about their chosen transport company. Plus, they do not visit the company’s website or read reviews before deciding. Hence, you need to read reviews. It will help you avoid companies that have a lot of bad reviews. 

Car transport costs depend solely on the distance.

Distance is one of the factors deciding the cost, but it is not the only one. Other significant factors can affect the car transport cost. Factors like vehicle size, if your car is running, whether you choose an open or enclosed transportation, accessibility of final destination, and flexibility in dates will affect the final price. 

If you are shipping your car to a rural, more difficult-to-access location, it would cost you more as the carrier has to get off the main route. If you have a fixed shipping date, then it will cost you more money as transport companies may have to make additional arrangements.

It is costlier to get your car transported. 

Cost is one of the main factors when deciding how to move your car. Many people still believe they would prefer to transport their vehicle alone instead of paying money to a transport company. 

However, in most cases, it is cheaper to transport your car from one state to another rather than driving it to a new location. Now, if you want to transport your car from Perth to Adelaide, you cannot drive it by yourself as the distance can be too much. 

Hence, it is better to hire a car transport Perth to Adelaide company and save money on kilometres, petrol and accommodation, which are likely to cost you much more than if you were to have it shipped.

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