Matt Gaetz On Wokeism

Matt Gaetz On Wokeism – Rep. Matt Gaetz has openly sparred with many high-ranking US government officials on wokeism. The politician also frequently tweets against wokeism and is hugely unpopular among Democrats due to his anti-woke stance.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is one of the most outspoken public figures against woke culture. The Republican Representative usually attacks top-ranking government officials online and offline about their support for wokeism.

Some major reservations Gaetz holds towards wokeism stem from a Democrat-driven campaign to study critical race theory. Rep. Gaetz also targets fellow House members, Senators, and other politicians sympathetic to wokeness in America.

Most comments from Matt Gaetz on wokeism haven’t gone undocumented. And we’ll see some of the politician’s most viral comments against wokeism in this post.

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“Woke Military”

In 2021, Gaetz attacked Joint Chiefs Chair, Gen. Mark Milley at an Armed Services Committee hearing over wokeness in the military. Gaetz’ comments were targeted at Gen. Milley and Sec. Lloyd Austin who was also at the hearing.

Gaetz posed questions about why the military has become so woke by studying popular theories discussed in America. The Florida congressman had reservations about why the US Armed Forces would bother about studying subjects like “whiteness” or “white rage”.

Gen. Milley and Sec. Austin hit back at Gaetz’s comments on woke culture in the military. Comments from the hearing set up heated debates across political lines on wokeness and where it should apply.

COVID and Obesity

Gaetz reacted to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ban from Twitter for her anti-woke comments on obese people and COVID. His comment on the Jan. 27 ban of Greene’s handle is seen below:

In the comment, Gaetz also takes a swipe at CNN’s newsroom, labelling them “crooks and liars”. It’s no secret that CNN currently has a sympathetic stance towards woke culture in American society.

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“I’m Embarrassed by Your Leadership”

Mr. Gaetz couldn’t said he was embarrassed by “military wokeism” and Lloyd Austin’s leadership of the Department of Defense (DoD).

At an April 2022 House Armed Services hearing, Gaetz attempted to point out the DoD’s alleged promotion of several topics among servicemen.

Some topics he pointed out are critical race theory, socialism, mandatory pronoun training, etc. He attributed this alleged focus of the DoD on these subjects squarely on Sec. Austin.

And this isn’t the first time Gaetz has taken aim at Lloyd Austin on the wokeness subject among US veterans. In 2021, Gaetz said Austin may be the “stupidest person” ever to serve in a US presidential cabinet.

Most negative comments from Gaetz targeting high-ranking military officials largely focuses on wokeism among service members.

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Reactions to Comments from Matt Gaetz on Wokeism

Matt Gaetz’s stance on wokeism seems to earn him fewer friends every time, especially among Democrats and veterans.

It’s common to see responses like “clown”, “pedophile”, or “girls’ scout” as reactions to his tweets and comments against wokeism.

However, a decent percentage of comments usually hail the congressman’s comments on wokeism. But these post mostly come from people or groups with Right-wing affiliations.

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