Conservative Celebrities

List Of Conservative Celebrities

Conservative Celebrities – Every now and then an actor has said or done something that has grabbed the media’s attention. And in their attempts to show their audience how non-political they are by taking a stance on a controversial issue, they occasionally make the wrong call. However, there are some conservative celebrities who have being open about their political beliefs while still being interesting people. Here are some examples:

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Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn is a conservative. He has been outspoken in his support for the Tea Party and other conservative causes, has donated to various Republican candidates, and maintains a blog that gives his thoughts on politics. In 2015 he told Maxim: “I’m not sure what the definition of ‘conservative’ means anymore.”

In 2014 he said in an interview with Charlie Rose: “As I’ve gotten older, I just feel like there’s more to life than being really rich and famous…I love my country.”

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent is a noted conservative celebrity. He’s the singer of the band, he’s been featured in several films, and he has written several books on hunting and gun rights advocacy. He is an avid supporter of Donald Trump, who appointed him to the National Rifle Association board of directors in 2016 Nugent resigned only three years later.

Jon Voight

Jon Voight is an American actor who has been nominated for an Academy Award, three Golden Globe Awards and two BAFTA Awards. He received the National Medal of Arts in 2005, was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2010 and won a Primetime Emmy Award in 1995.

Voight was born on December 29, 1938 in Yonkers, New York, to Evelyn née Ehrich and Elmer Voight. His paternal grandparents were Austrian immigrants while his mother’s ancestry consisted of German and Dutch settlers.

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Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer is an American actor, director and television producer. He has a net worth of $60 million. In addition to his successful acting career, Kelsey Grammer is also known for being a conservative Republican and Christian. He’s also an avid gun owner.

Kelsey Grammer supported President Trump during the 2016 election cycle, but he wasn’t always so supportive of him in fact, he once called Trump “unfit” for office in 2015 before voting for him later that year.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise is an actor who has appeared in several high-profile films, including Forrest Gump and Apollo 13. He also played Lt. Dan Taylor opposite Tom Hanks’ Forrest Gump character. He has had many roles on television, playing Pete Sayers on CSI: NY from 2006 to 2015 and Dr. Jack McNeil on ER from 2002 to 2007.

Sinise is a supporter of conservative values and was awarded the Purple Heart for his service in Operation Iraqi Freedom during two tours of Iraq in 2005 and 2007 with the USO Holiday Tour of entertainers for U.S troops stationed overseas with Operation Iraqi Freedom II OIF II.

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Conservative Celebrities – All of these celebrities have been outspoken conservatives, and they’re not afraid to let the world know it. There are many more out there as well, but these are some of the most famous ones.

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