What Is Systemic Wokeism?

Systemic Wokeism Mean?

What Is Systemic Wokeism? – So many movements are going around that it’s getting hard to keep track of them all. Labels and names are all being thrown at whatever phenomena and trend is out there that the common man can’t even begin to understand what is going on. A lot of this is thanks to the “woke” campaign being exercised by many people these days. How can you even begin to have a grasp of what they’re even talking about if there’s no way of defining it?

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Systemic Wokeism is what you call the movement that’s been spreading all over American and even parts of the western world. It’s growth was most prevalent during the early to mid stages of the pandemic. Some see it as a necessary thing to address racism and other social issues in the country. Others view it as a needless tirade of lectures and word vomit that serves to distract from pressing matters here at home.

However you may feel about it, the presence of systemic wokeism in our social and political atmosphere is now everywhere we go. Because if that, it’s important to at least define what exactly it is. That way, we can protect ourselves from those who think of themselves as intellectually and morally elite.

The Origin Of Systemic Wokeism

Looking back, one might notice a rise in wokeism during the early stages of the pandemic. Millions of hard-working citizens had to stay in their homes and think about an uncertain future. All the while, we hear of celebrities and officials from the steps of Washington go on about all the “isms” that we’ve inherited like sexism, racism, and others.

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However, there’s a massive gap in logic when looking into the people who make these sorts of tirades and sermons. It’s almost always a case of projection that aims to do nothing more but line their pockets and improve their reputations with those who can’t think to disagree in even the slightest manner. Do their million-dollar mansions help further social justice in this country? Do their elite memberships to exclusive clubs help the working class in any way?

This is what makes wokeism a systemic force in nature. It sees the public constantly berated for their sins while those in power fail to take accountability for their own actions. President Biden constantly talks of systemic racism in the country but has he answered for his son’s own reported usage of anti-asian language? Already we can see the corruption and hypocrisy in play when looking at the protections that he has afforded his son at the expense of the American people.

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Until this cycle of hypocrisy is addressed and dealt with, one can expect that this phenomena of systemic wokeism will continue to permeate our daily lives. Until they offer real solutions to these pressing issues without resorting to nothing but baseless words and accusations, we’ll be stuck in this state until something finally gives. Those in power have little interest in furthering social rights for anyone as they only serve themselves in the grand scheme of things.

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