Woke Movies to Avoid

What Are Movies to Avoid

Woke Movies to Avoid – In the wake of the recent news about sexual assault and harassment, many people are taking a closer look at movies that either depict these issues or just happen to be from an era where such behavior was considered normal. We’ve compiled a list of some of woke movies to avoid if you are not into wokeism

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While the movie is lauded for its exploration of the intersectional experiences of blackness and queerness, it also re-enforces some troubling ideas about how to be gay. Telling a story about how we are all human beings and should love each other is pretty great, but don’t get so caught up in that message that you forget about the people who don’t fit into this neat little narrative.

Sorry to Bother You

This movie is about a black telemarketer who is promoted to management, but finds himself in a dangerous situation.

The movie explores the struggles of the working class, as well as the effects of capitalism on them. It also examines how capitalism affects African Americans specifically, showing how they are often forced into lower-paying jobs and have less upward mobility than white people do.

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Get Out

Get Out is a horror movie with a twist. It follows Chris, an African-American man who goes on a trip to meet his white girlfriend’s family. At first glance, the film appears to be about racism and slavery; but if you look closer, it also has elements of comedy and romance and even some suspense as well.

The movie became the highest grossing film in the United States for 2017 a record that was held by another dark comedy: The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Get Out was nominated for four Oscars: Best Actor (Daniel Kaluuya), Best Director (Jordan Peele), Best Original Screenplay (Jordan Peele) and Best Picture of 2018.


The true story of a black police officer who infiltrated the KKK in the 1970s, “BlacKkKlansman” is directed by Spike Lee and stars John David Washington as Ron Stallworth. It’s not just a gripping drama; it’s also an important film that explores racism in America and features some very funny moments. While its subject matter is serious, there’s no denying that this movie has earned its place on most woke movie lists.

Lady Bird

Lady Bird is a coming-of-age movie about a high school student. It follows the story of Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, who has to deal with her mother’s mental illness, her father’s lack of interest in their relationship and balancing her home life with her social life.

The film was critically acclaimed and won several awards including Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy at the 76th Golden Globe Awards and Best Film (Musical or Comedy) at the 90th Academy Awards.

Lady Bird was also nominated for five other awards, including Best Supporting Actress (for Laurie Metcalfe) and Best Original Screenplay (for Greta Gerwig).

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Woke Movies to Avoid – The list of woke movies to avoid is a short one, and we hope that you’ve found it helpful. Most people are moving towards becoming as woke as possible, and that means avoiding these potential pitfalls.

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