Is The World Going To End?

Will 2022 Be The End Of The World?

We can all agree that the past few years, especially 2020 and 2021, haven’t blessed us with much hope. In fact, it made us question everything – what is happening to our planet? Is it changing to better or to worse?

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“A series of unfortunates events” began in January. Well, most of them at least. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Here, we’ll show you just a portion of every major tragedy that has happened in the last couple of years.

1. Massive Bushfires in Australia

On January 2 (yup, January) raging wildfires spread aggressively throughout South Wales. The deadly wildfires have demolished over 2.000 hectares of land. Hundreds of koalas burned to death, including approximately one billion other animals.

2. Notre Dame Cathedral

In 2019, centuries-old Cathedral nearly turned to dust, remember that one? Such an important piece of history, culture and art – gone to ashes!

3. California Earthquakes

Also in 2019, a major earthquake hit California, leaving huge cracks on the roads.

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4. Ukrainian Airplane Crash

Care to guess when it happened? January 2019. Worst of all, 176 people lost their lives.

5. Amazon’s Wildfires

This was an unimaginable loss for humankind back in 2019 and still is – all those magnificent rainforests, “lungs of the Earth” – up in massive flames. A lot of them ravaged forever. But, hey, we probably don’t need that much oxygen anyway, right? Do you remember this one? We tend to forget rather quickly.

6. Launched Missiles

Dozens of missiles were launched in the Middle East. Care to guess when? That’s right –. Sure, humans, why not? Why not launch a missile while the world is already falling apart? Smart.

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7. Covid-19

And the award goes to the Coronavirus that caused a pandemic. It fully entered the world’s stage in January – what a surprise! So far, it took hundreds of thousands of lives and still continues to do so mercilessly. So, provided that none of us wants the world to end, please be careful. Stay inside or wear masks outside. If you don’t have a cover, order one online.

8. Snow in Hawaii?

How is that possible – you ask? Hawaii is a tropical place, snow-free? Well, a few years back it actually snowed in this tropical paradise. Yes, it’s absurd, it’s against every rule of nature. So, do you still think the end of the world is a joke?

Well, it’s safe to say that something is clearly wrong. We all like to believe that these are all just accidents, just cruelty of nature, or even conspiracy theories. But what if it isn’t? What if 2022 is actually that year – the beginning of the end. And, perhaps? We all know that it will happen someday but always refuse to believe that we’re the ones to experience it. We call it science fiction and leave it for the younger generations to deal with. But what if, this time, it’s really us? Just keep an open mind, nothing else. And in the meantime, can’t hurt to prepare just in case. You know the saying: “Better safe than sorry.” So, check out our next article and find out everything you need to know about the possible upcoming apocalypse, and what you’ll need to survive.

Fun Fact

What will happen in 2038?

The 2038 problem refers to the time encoding error that will occur in the year 2038 in 32-bit systems. This may cause havoc in machines and services that use time to encode instructions and licenses. The effects will primarily be seen in devices that are not connected to the internet.

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