Sydney Harbour Bridge: A Breathtaking Gem

Don’t Miss Out Sydney Harbour Bridge When You Visit Sydney

When talking about the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it is safe to say, we’re talking about one of the best-known landmarks in Sydney. In fact, before the Sydney Opera House was built, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was the city’s number one attraction.

It took eight years to build the bridge, so the opening ceremony was held in March 1932. 84 years later, it still holds the title of the world’s largest steel arch bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of the best views of the surrounding city, as well as the harbor. When it comes to the fun facts that could attract any visitor and make the bridge even more interesting than it already is; here are some of the most interesting ones:

1. Horses and Cars Were Both Allowed on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

When the bridge first opened, horses as well as cars were welcome to cross it; which wasn’t shocking news since both of the mentioned were actually a vehicle. However, there was a price to be paid for the crossing. The price for the cars was 6 pence, while the price for the horse was 3 pence. Nowadays, the crossing costs $3.3 and horses aren’t allowed on the bridge, which actually isn’t such a surprise.

2. A Bridge Climb is Never The Same

No matter how many times you climb it, the view is never the same. Every bridge climb is an experience of its own. Why so? Well, it depends on the time of the day of course. Whether you choose day, night or twilight; you’ll never be disappointed.  The skies can be anything from blazing orange to dark with city lights being the center of attention. Choose according to your preferences and enjoy the experience.

3. You’re Afraid of Heights? No Problem!

Afraid of heights but wanting to put your limits to the test? It’s a perfect way to do so. You’ll get help from the experienced guides who have helped many people before you, and thus perfected their skills. A perfect opportunity to overcome your fear and enjoy the view at the same time, knowing you’re safely guided each second of the climb.

4. It’s Time For Some Romance

Last but not least: romance! As you can already imagine, we’re talking engagement. That’s right, numerous people, both locals and tourists accepted a lifelong commitment right on this bridge. It is no surprise actually. Just imagine the beautiful skies, a breathtaking view of the city and its surroundings. It seems like a perfect spot to pop the question, don’t you agree?

Not to be fooled, these are just some of the most interesting fact regarding the Sydney Harbour Bridge, just enough to make you want to see it and find out the rest of the fun facts yourself. When visiting Sydney, be sure not to miss this unique gem, you’ll enjoy every step of it; there’s no doubt about that. It’s a truly unique experience both for locals and tourists.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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