Freycinet National Park – Tasmania

The Freycinet National Park is one amusing tourist destination of Australia. This park is located on the east coast of Tasmania. To the point, the location lies at a distance of 125 kilometers northeast of Hobart. This park occupies a very large part of the Freycinet Peninsula. The name Freycinet National Park to this park has been given after Louis de Freycinet, a French navigator as well as Schouten Island. Interestingly, this national park is considered as the oldest National Park of Tasmania. This park embraces extensive greenery and rich wildlife of Australia which is certainly worth a visit.

Ecology and Flora-Fauna at the Freycinet National Park:

The Freycinet National Park came into establishment in the year 1916. It spreads around a large area of 169 square kilometers. The ecology of this region includes at least 49 endemic species of Tasmania. The mammals in this region include ringtail possum, brushtail possum, eastern pygmy possum, swamp rat, sugar glider, echidna, New Holland mouse, wombats, etc. The flora and fauna at the Freycinet National Park include more than 500 plants. There are 80 species of orchids. Interestingly, various species in this region have limited distribution. Further, there are several reptiles, birds and amphibians. The view of this flora and fauna cannot be encountered at any other place.

Activities at the National Park:

Freycinet National Park is beautiful and it entertains a number of activities for the visitors. The wildlife at this park is simply phenomenal. The visitors and tourists can go for bird-watching since a number of amusing birds can be encountered here. The white-bellied sea eagle is beautiful and if you watch it, you shall call yourself lucky enough. Apart from bird watching, you can also perform various other activities such as strolling, trekking, swimming, wildlife spotting, and beach strolling etc at the Freycinet National Park.

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