How To Find the G-spot?

Top 5 Ways To Find The G-Spot

This has been a mystery to men all around the world throughout history. Some women, too. Fortunately, we’re here to help you. Or at least we’ll give you a small hint if you like solving mysteries on your own.

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1. Get Excited

The woman’s G-spot is more palpable when she’s excited because her blood vessels are basically full of blood, and she swells as a result. In a good way, though, not like an allergic reaction kind of way. So, use the method that works best for her, arouse her. If you don’t even know how to arouse her, then just give up on finding the G-spot. 

2. Find A Comfortable Position

If you’re a female trying to find your own pleasure spot, it’s best to lie on your back or stomach. Even though some people might even advise you to squat, our advice to you is to skip it. Squatting is not exactly a comfortable and relaxing position. Also, it looks like you’re doing something else. However, if this position is necessary to find your G-spot, lie on your back with your legs raised as if you were squatting. Hey, a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do.

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3. Look For The G-Spot With Your Fingers

Like, literally. Whether you’re a man or a woman, insert one finger into the vagina and look for a bulge on its front wall and a difference in tissue texture. Sounds like some evolved science, but it really just comes down to the feeling itself. Experiment with movements. Irritate your G-spot. Try different movements and find the one you like best. Some women are more sensitive and should be more gentle with the G-spot, some like pressure. While others prefer faster and more rhythmic movements in the form of light tapping. This will also give you an answer to the rhythm of lovemaking with your partner. 

4. Relax

Don’t be preoccupied with your goal of finding the G-spot because then you won’t be relaxed and all you’ll achieve is sweaty fingers. Which is not a bad result too, for, you know… Well, let’s stay on the subject here. Any stress and overthinking will not help you. If you want to successfully stimulate the G-spot, you need to be relaxed. Simply, try to enjoy exploring your body without having to feel anything. 

5. Let Yourself Feel It

At some point, G-spot stimulation can make you feel the need to pee. Yeah, IKR? Don’t give up at that point. Continue at all costs. After all, you are alone, no one will notice anything, right? Or your partner is trying it, and you’re not alone and therefore will pee yourself in front of your partner. But who cares, right? What you will feel after is what you were looking for anyway. Yes, yes – we mean an explosive, fantastic orgasm!

So, are you up for some mystery solving? You can also use the help of your little friend. You can always read a mystery novel too, or our tips for best oral sex, whatever suits you best.

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