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Cathy Great Blog Titles In 2023


The title is often the first thing that your readers see. It’s what determines whether or not the audience read your blog post, and if they do read it, how much of it they’ll get through. So if you write a great title, you’ll be able to attract more traffic (and build more trust with potential customers).

But how can one come up with such an attention-grabbing headline? You may be surprised at just how many options there are out there.

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1. Use Titles that Align with your Niche.

You must use titles that align with your niche when writing blog titles. The title of a blog post is the first thing people will see when they search for something related to your topic online, and it’s also among the most critical factors in positioning high on Google and another search engine.

If you target the right keywords (those related to your topic), chances are good that readers searching for information about those topics will come across your blog.

Once you’ve attracted the right audience, give them what they’re looking for! And don’t forget: no matter how much research or planning has gone into crafting a great piece of content… if no one ever sees it, all of those efforts are wasted.

So make sure that any title or headline you write has been tested thoroughly by someone who knows SEO well enough not only to recognize potential problems but also tell whether or not something might cause problems later down the line when it comes time for publishing said content.”

2. Learn About Your Audience.

Knowing your audience is always influential. Knowing their interests, however, will help you write better blog posts and develop better topic ideas for titles.

You can also use this information to find the right keywords for each post. If you want to learn more about how knowing your audience can impact the success of your blog, read on.

It’s not surprising that knowing your audience is always influential. Knowing their interests, however, will help you write better blog posts and develop better topic ideas for titles.

You can also use this information to find the right keywords for each post. If you want to learn more about how knowing your audience can impact the success of your blog.

3. Study the Best-performing Posts on Social Media and the Internet.

One way to find great blog titles is by studying the best-performing posts on social media and the internet.

This will provide you with a thought of what kind of content engages people and how it’s done.

Look at titles with many shares, likes, views, or comments. It will help you see which topics work well with your audience and which words or phrases are most effective at getting them interested in the post.

As you’re reading through these posts, please pay close attention to how each title is written and what it’s about. This will provide an idea of how to quickly structure your headline to grab people’s attention while also offering them value.

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4. Use an Online Title Generator.

It would help if you used a generator specific to your niche to find the correct title. For example, if you write about technology, try out this generator from the publishers of Wired magazine.

The tool operates by asking you to fill in three boxes: 1) What’s your article about? 2) Who is it for? 3) What else are people searching for when they want similar things to yours?

Then it processes a bunch of titles for you to test against each other and see which one converts best—whether that means getting more clicks or just making people feel good about themselves (i.e., “you’re so smart” vs. “you’re not as dumb as everyone else thinks”).

5. Formulate Several Different Blog Post Titles (to Test)

To test your titles, try this:

  • Write the first draft of a blog post using one of your new titles.
  • Use a title generator to come up with several more possibilities.
  • Write another blog post using one of those titles.
  • Try creating Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts from each title until you find one that works well for each platform (one word or two words? Short or long?)

6. Work with a Professional Content Strategist.

Content Strategist: This is a professional who can help you figure out what to write about, what your content should look like, and where it should go.

They’ll also be able to help you with your strategy (which includes ensuring that your marketing and sales teams are working together), production, distribution, and optimization of content.

Content Marketing Strategist: A content marketing strategist works with brands on all aspects of their digital presence, including social media strategy and curation as well as editorial calendars. But focuses mainly on creating valuable experiences for readers rather than selling products directly.

7. Incorporate Trendy Words Into Your Blog Titles.

If you have any desire to dazzle individuals with your blog titles, you’ll want to incorporate words that are trendy right now. Trendy words are terms that are popular right now but may not be as popular in the future. These include words that aren’t in the dictionary and can only be found in blogs or web pages.

Consider this post title: “How To Find Great Blog Titles In 2023”. When writing this article 10 years ago, it might have been titled “How To Find Great Blog Titles In 2013″ because, at that time, it was still a new term (and not in any dictionaries).

Nowadays, though, it may still be somewhat unique and trendy for an audience outside my industry/niche, most people reading this article probably know what it means now.

8. Start the Title with Your Target Keyword Phrase.

The best way to find great blog titles is by starting with your target keyword phrase. This can be done in three ways:

  • At the beginning of the title, as in How To Find Great Blog Titles In 2023
  • At the end of a title, such as How To Find Great Blog Titles In 2023, You Will Love
  • In between words in a title, such as Should, You Use Your Target Keyword Phrase In Your Title? (Or Is That Too Much?)

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9. Add a Number to Your Blog Title.

Consider adding a number if you want the best results from your blog post titles.

  • Numbering your blog posts can help them rank better in Google and other search engines. This is because numbers create an air of authority and credibility for your content.

Readers who see “How To Find Great Blog Titles” will view this post as an expert source on the subject matter rather than just another blog post trying to sell them something (which they may not even need).

  • Numbering your blog posts can help you create a sense of urgency. As discussed previously, people don’t have much time these days, so if they think that something is going to expire soon or go away forever, they are more likely to take action right now instead of later when it could be too; late.

In this case, using numbers such as “5 Tips For…” or “10 Ways To…” will make readers feel like they need to act fast before their window closes.


There are many things to consider when creating a great blog title. You want it to be catchy, relevant, and SEO-friendly. You also want it to reflect your content so people can identify what they will read about before clicking on that post link. Ideally, these tips have helped you create fantastic blog titles for future posts.

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