How I Convinced My Brain to Enjoy Difficult Tasks (dopamine detox)

There is no scientific proof that dopamine detox is effective. So, the man who devised dopamine fasting is a therapeutic psychologist, and there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that it works for people, although it’s so new that there’s no academic literature on it – and I’m not sure if anyone is looking into it.

Dopamine is a formidable enemy.

Dopamine is a brain neurotransmitter that causes us to desire and strive for things. To show the significance of dopamine, I’d like to share a rat study with you. Simply put, these researchers placed electrodes in the brains of rats and rewarded them with dopamine whenever they clicked a specific button. The rats became so obsessed with pressing the button that they refused to eat or sleep as a result. They were just interested in hitting the button till they passed out.

To put it another way, our brain establishes priorities depending on what is predicted to increase our dopamine levels. We get more dopamine from playing video games or watching TV than from studying or working in a business. In today’s world, we’ve taken this problem to new heights. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are just a few examples. Everything was designed to give us as much dopamine as possible. Reading a book, studying, or working on a side venture has never been more difficult. We are never sufficiently driven to do anything.

Dopamine Detox: The Secret Weapon that can give you the upper hand

Dopamine detox works because you will get so bored that even the dullest things will appear to be more enjoyable. A dopamine detox aims to deprive you of all of your usual fast pleasures. As a consequence, less appealing and fun activities will look more appealing. Have you ever wondered why the majority of incarcerated people spend so much time exercising or reading? Because they don’t have access to Instagram or Facebook, the majority of their dopamine comes from working out or reading books.

You can put yourself to try to establish this hypothesis. The best choice is to abstain from any activities that may provide you with immediate enjoyment for one day. There was no phone, no internet, no fast food, and no hobbies that you enjoy, to name a few things, Dopamine cleanse. On the following days, you would undertake the very minimum of these activities, if not none at all. Detoxing your brain from all of those things was crucial in regaining control. Reading, working on a side business, and exercising are the hobbies that will keep you motivated at that time now. This amount of dopamine will be perfectly sufficient.

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Effects of Dopamine in Our / Lives

Because we anticipate comfort food to make us happy, our brain creates dopamine before we consume it. In reality, the quantity of dopamine we anticipate influences our brain’s priorities. Much of it makes us feel even worse. That’s because our brain doesn’t care whether the high levels of dopamine are harmful to us. It simply wants more of it.

Cocaine and heroin, in addition to making you high, release abnormally high levels of dopamine, which makes you desire them even more. And, even if we aren’t aware of it, we are flooding our brains with excessively high doses of dopamine regularly in today’s digital world. With each of those acts, we expect to be rewarded in some way. That’s why we’re always looking at our phones. We anticipate receiving a text message or other form of information. Any activity in which you anticipate a future reward triggers the release of dopamine. Your brain, on the other hand, will not unleash the behaviour if you know there will be no instant benefits.

We’re certain that we’ll get it eventually. You may think it has no effect on you, but you’d be completely mistaken. Homeostasis is a biological system that keeps our bodies in a state of balance. It indicates that our bodies like to maintain a healthy balance of internal physical and chemical factors. Our bodies adjust to any imbalance that develops.

There is, however, another way in which homeostasis reveals itself. And it is through tolerance that this is accomplished. And it’s not all that dissimilar to dopamine. To preserve homeostasis, our bodies suppress dopamine receptors. Essentially, our brain becomes accustomed to high dopamine levels, and such levels become our new normal. As a result, we acquire dopamine tolerance. This may be a big problem since you lose interest in things that don’t offer you as much dopamine. It’s also far more difficult to keep oneself motivated to complete them. Because they don’t produce as much dopamine as items that do release a lot of it, we get bored and have less fun with them.

How Can This Be Avoided?

What you’ll do is set aside a day when you won’t participate in any highly stimulating activities. You’ll cease dumping large amounts of dopamine into your brain and instead allow your dopamine receptors to heal. You will strive to have as much fun as possible for one full day. You will not use the internet or any other kind of technology, such as your phone or computer. You are not permitted to listen to music or consume any type of junk food.

Essentially, you’re going to deprive yourself of any external sources of pleasure for the whole day. You’re going to like being bored. There will be a lot of boredom, believe me.

However, you are permitted to do the following:

  • Take a stroll.
  • Take some time to meditate and be alone with your thoughts.
  • Consider your life and objectives.

Make a list of any thoughts that come to mind. (Write it down on paper rather than on your computer or phone.) All of this may appear to be rather demanding. However, if you want radical outcomes quickly, this is a really effective method.

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What’s the harm in a little too much dopamine?

Our bodies have a biological process called homeostasis that aims to keep a physical and chemical balance within themselves. Any imbalance that arises in our bodies will be corrected by our bodies.

Simply said, once your brain has been acclimated to high dopamine levels, they become your new normal, leading you to acquire a tolerance to them. You will inevitably find it challenging to complete daily duties. Reading, writing, working, and developing yourself may also be significantly more challenging. Have you ever wondered why, despite having work to do, you can’t seem to stop watching Netflix? Have you ever wondered why drug addicts find it so tough to quit? You must be capable of taking severe measures.

What’s the harm in too little dopamine?

Low dopamine levels might make you feel less driven and enthusiastic about things. It’s been related to depression, schizophrenia, and psychosis, among other mental diseases. Low dopamine is connected to a variety of mental health illnesses, but it does not cause them.

Is it really effective?

Fasting on dopamine isn’t simply a trend; it’s a way to counteract the negative effects of too much time spent on our phones and computers. Too much time spent in front of the screen may be damaging to one’s physical and mental health. Given that the most frequent dopamine producers are screens and technology, a dopamine fast might be a smart way to unwind. Dopamine fasts every now and then might assist to refresh and focus attention on a more enjoyable and successful endeavour.

Getting it right is the difficult part. To naturally enhance dopamine levels, follow a basic resting routine, exercise mindfulness, and focus on more fun and meaningful activities. Gardening, performing chores, having a massage, eating dopamine-boosting foods, exercising, and getting adequate sleep are all examples of non-addictive activities. Remember to keep track of your progress. Dopamine fasts regularly can help you be more productive, less distracted, and healthier.

Bottom line

From my personal experience, It took me a long time to understand that something as insignificant as social media or junk food might have an impact on both my work ethic and my capacity to take on new tasks.

It won’t be simple, but if you want to create a significant and good change in your life, you must step outside of your comfort zone and eliminate the obstacles. It might be demoralising to believe you have such little control over your ideas, yet knowledge is the first step toward transformation.




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