2 Superb Self-Help Books for Working Class People by R.K. Jones

R.K. Jones Self-Help for Working People

R.K. Jones Don’t Give Two Shits, and Applied Stoicism are generation-defining Self-help books that encourage working people to take personal responsibility and make the most out of what you have. Traditionally you have been sold on the note you are broken of excess is the key to happiness. R.K. Jones challenges that notion heavily that maybe just maybe, you are enough by providing real-life achievable strategies to make your day a little better. All we have is not that is it, this moment, and what you do with that moment is what counts.

Follow R.K. Jones as he takes you through an adventure of self-discovery. We cannot all be rockstars or billionaires, but we can live fulling lives by making the most out of what we have and committing to self-development and growth through adversity. Life is not easy, but that’s the challenge, and by applying the teaching from R.K. Jones’s works, maybe, just maybe, things could be a little less shit.

Self-Help Books for Working Class

Make your life meaningful and make what you do count.

Don’t Give Two Shits Working Class Self Help 101

Join R.K. Jones on a journey towards freeing your mind from uncontrollables. Let’s face life can throw monumental amounts of shit your way; however, knowing which shit will stick if you don’t deal with it can drive you crazy. Don’t Give Two Shits pulls no punches in helping you figure out what matters and what’s just noise.


Modern society, by design, confuses us and keeps humans in perpetual anxiety with an unhealthy addiction to the future. Don’t Give Two Shits was born out of necessity after growing increasingly confused and almost cracking up at the seeming madness surrounding each of us.

Don’t Give Two Shits is far from not caring; the book is, in fact, quite the opposite. It’s about choosing to care. That’s right; you only have so many minutes in your life, each one of them the only thing we can ultimately control. Yet, our minds race with anxiety, predication and, almost by design, negativity.

Applied Stoicism: Practical Guide Alll Working People Can Follow

Applied Stoicism: Take Back Control of Your Chaotic Mind takes you on a transformational journey from start to finish. R.K. Jones explores what it means to take control of the internal duel we all fight between order and chaos. We are our own worst enemy, and it is without a doubt that our consciousness and who we are is in a state of permanent flux throughout all stages of our lives.


Applied Stoicism is a practical, easy-to-follow guide that gives you not only exercises you can undertake to improve your lives but also the underpinning knowledge. From the foundation of Stoicism to the modern-day functionality within an ever-changing world.

Practical Self Help is Here, and it’s Real

R.K. Jones wrote these books while working full time and raising a family. Lifes a journey, and that journey is yours you can squander it or make it count. Follow R.K. Jones’s advice, and things will each day be slightly better than the last. You can control yourself so make sure you make that count.

Ultimately it’s all up to you, however, if you pick up these books and follow the advice, then it is without a shadow of a doubt that you will better make your moments count. Take responsibility for yourself and live the cards you have been dealt to their fullest.

Working Full Time Self Help

These books can be applied to all people, however, were written with working people in mind. It’s often a mindset that we earn money, retire and die. It does not have to be that way. Get the most out of your opportunity to experience the universe.

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