Hilarious Crazy Science Fiction Phrases and Sayings

Hilarious Crazy Science Fiction Phrases 62 Random Saying

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  1. No use crying over spilt radiation
  2. What happened? Did drone catch your tongue?
  3. Follow your instinct; it might lead you to oxygen.
  4. A planet full of life is better than two planets with the possibility of life.
  5. Wi-Fi connection whole day would make you run away from family for the whole day.
  6. Unexplored territories might take you to more Uranium.
  7. All of science and no nature make the planet a difficult place to live.
  8. To stumble twice against the same outcome is the scientific disgrace.
  9. Science is one thing common sense/humanity is another; Science is an edged tool with which scientist play like children and come out with ways of how to make life more miserable. 
  10. Hybrid and radiation won’t make a right.
  11. Arsenic and hydrogen bombs are far mightier than the sword.
  12.  When the atoms get stuck, the city gets going.
  13. Keep your family close and Wi-Fi closer.
  14. There is no such thing as new weapon technology keeping the planet safe and peaceful.
  15.  You can’t make an invention without hurting some species.
  16. Don’t bite the planet which provides you with everything to live.
  17. Do unto species as you would have them do unto you.
  18. The hybrid is always greener than organic.
  19. Ability is what you are capable of inventing, Motivation determines what you invent, and Attitude determines how well you conduct it.
  20. As curiosity kills the cat the over-ambition of scientists is killing the planet.
  21. Be careful, robots don’t have the heart.
  22. Computers are efficient than humans.
  23. The mechanically operated computers and machines precedence over the heart.
  24. Preciseness and heartlessness are more important than humans.
  25. Inventions of a kind; flock together to create the hole in the ozone.
  26. Inventing is not a matter of getting facts and figures together but that is the attitude of the invention and inventor which determines its utility.
  27. Findings ways to reliance on machines are the mother of destruction.
  28. Hydrogen bombs, drones, and stealth jets bring contempt.
  29. Nature saved is nature earned.
  30. Don’t put all your trust/energy in one invention.
  31. Good things come to those who devote themselves to preserving nature.
  32.  Technology is ten percent how you make it and ninety percent how it takes you.
  33. An invention is as strong as its side effects/ loopholes.
  34.  Absence of steroids makes the person stronger.
  35. One can lead a scientist to the invention but can’t force him to make it good.
  36. Don’t count the pros and cons of inventions before they are tested. 
  37. You can’t judge a cell phone by its cover.
  38. If you want something right, don’t rely on machines, do it yourself.
  39. Discretion is the greater part of the invention.
  40. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are worth than thousand words.
  41. Science is an organized attempt of mankind to learn how the system works and then destroy it.
  42. There is no shame in inventing new things, the shame lies in ignoring their side effects.
  43. Take seven times to do but do it right, introduce at eighth when it is fully ripe.
  44. If you can’t live longer, live cancer-free.
  45. It takes the whole bunch of scientists to make a bomb.
  46. Turn your face towards the sun and the pollution falls on you.
  47. Some men go to the forest and find no tree.
  48. The invention with most functions might not necessarily bring more goodness.
  49. Technology and its comfort look better when newly introduced.
  50. Science is more valuable if it takes you to how to preserve the planet.
  51. No matter how perfect you make, no matter how high you fly, you can’t go all the way right.
  52. Leave some horizons unturned, not because of incompetence, but simply because they lead to more chaos.
  53.  You can’t go back and change the technology but you can start finding ways to rectify its damage.
  54. Technology is inherently risky. There is only one big risk, to be avoided at all cost, is to stop finding the way it can save the planet and humanity.
  55. Keeping the cell phone away before sleeping makes the tumor stay away.
  56. Out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind as it can control you from where you can’t perceive.
  57. Be aware you are being watched even if there is no one around.
  58. Only dead mathematics can be taught where the attitude of competition prevails. Living mathematics must always be communal possession. (taken from net as it is)
  59. Technology is not a problem to be solved but an experience to learn to live with it.
  60. Be like a tree and let the waste drop and kill.
  61. Nick of time is the flick of time.
  62.  Scientific research is proverbially uncertain, few things are more certain than the expectation and result of an experiment.

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