10 Genuine Reasons Not to Visit Australia

Why You Shouldn’t Visit Australia?

Australia is a really great place to live and visit for a holiday its safe and fun, however, I will give you 10 genuine reasons not to visit Australia.

  1. Possums are so so cute you just want to cuddle them! Don’t they will rip your face off and scratch your eyeballs out nothing in Australia is what it seems
  2. Change government like the wind, the Australian government changes its leader at an unbelievably high rate. You could arrive in Australia a Democracy and it becomes a dictatorship overnight, just kidding but it’s hard to keep up with who is in charge.
  3. Roadkill, you can be driving along minding your own business and out of nowhere huge kangaroo hope onto your bonnet and your day just got a whole lot worse.
  4. The alcohol is crazy expensive, be willing to blow your entire budget on one night out on the grog. I remember when I first went to a bar and ordered a Pint of beer they guy said $15 and gave me a schooner, I asked if he was joking. He was not; I had table water rest of the night, no going out on 30 quid and getting hammered at the local.
  5. Down the road is not down the bloody road, Australian telling you something is down the road can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 hours’ drive. I have come to understand down the road means anything less than one full day’s travel.
  6. The level of service in many retail outlets is beyond my comprehension, it’s almost like Australian shops don’t want to help you find the product you need. With a few exceptions to the rule, you will find if a minefield getting any meaningful assistance in an Australian retail environment.
  7. Australian’s think their beers are amazing tasting however not for me. Anyone from a European background will likely find the local brews not to their taste, plus they cause evil hangovers! That could just be I am getting older!
  8. The call fruit machines pokies and I think this is a stupid name.
  9. If anyone asks you to go for a bushwalk increase your life insurance, I went for a little bushwalk and got back the next day having seen 3 different types of deadly snakes and getting a tick bite on my ass.
  10. Giant Centipedes are very very ugly and scary creatures, I was undertaking some enjoyable book writing and something fell on my leg from the back of the computer, I bloody freaked like hell when I saw a 30 cm go dam monster crawling up my leg towards my ball’s literally started crying. I called the pest control guy the next day, calm as the day he said, “ar yea they like a warm spot” I mean come on WTF how is that normal. Since then I have always checked behind my desktop before sitting down to write, was a total monster.

They are my 10 Genuine Reasons Not to Visit Australia if you do come, I am sure you will enjoy your stay, just be aware it isn’t all sunshine,  beach and rainbows.

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