Health Benefits Of Avocado

Benefits Of Avocado

Avocado may be popular nowadays to be spread on your morning toasts. However, there are certainly much more beneficial effects of avocado apart from its delicious taste. Here are some of avocados’s health benefits. Certainly much more beneficial effects of avocado apart from its delicious taste. Here are some of avocados’s health benefits.

1. Avocados Are Loaded With Potassium.

Potassium is an essential electrolyte needed by the cells to function properly. It’s responsible for proper muscle contraction and strength. Furthermore, it’s essential for our nerves to properly transmit signals. Lack of potassium may result in muscle paralysis and weakness.

2. Avocados Are High In Monounsaturated Fatty Acids.

Not all fats are evil. Trans fats or saturated fats are the ones responsible for coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. Meanwhile, unsaturated fats (whether mono- or poly-) are considered ‘the healthy fat’. These are found in tuna, salmon, avocados, coconut, and other vegetables and fruits.

Monounsaturatted fatty acids or MUFA help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

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3. Avocados May Aid In Weight Loss.

Now you may be wondering how can a food filled with fats help you with weight loss. Because avocados are nutrient-filled and high in fats, it helps you stay satiated for long periods of time. Thus, it prevents you from snacking on unhealthy foods and drinks.

Furthermore, avocados are low in carbohydrates. Thus, it’s ideal for those on a ketogenic diet or a low-carb diet. It’s also filling because of its high fiber content.

4. It Contains Folate Which Helps Improve Your Mood.

Studies found that folate is lacking in most patients suffering from depression. Avocados are loaded with tons of folate. Thus, it’s a good food to include in your diet if you’re prone to developing depression symptoms.

Avocados are simply more than just a tasty and fancy snack. They are loaded with tons of nutrients that are beneficial to our health. Thus, it’s just a win-win when you incorporate avocados into your diet.

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