How To Pick The Right Flowers For Any Occasion

Convey Your Emotions by Picking The Right Flowers For Any Occasion

Giving someone flowers is a universal way of telling that person that you care. Flowers can be given in a range of circumstances to convey different emotions. You can give flowers at a funeral to show sympathy, on Valentine’s Day to say ‘I love you’, after an argument to say sorry or on Mother’s Day as a means to express your gratitude. 

Choosing the right flowers for each of these occasions and other important moments is important. With the right choice of flowers like Flowers Australia, you can make sure that your gesture hits the mark. The flowers you choose may be dictated by etiquette or tradition, other times, it can be based on your own taste and style. Whether you choose to hand-deliver your flowers or seek out flower delivery in Melbourne to have the delivery handled professionally, with the right flowers, you can be sure that the recipient will know that you care. 

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Let’s take a look at a few tips to help you choose the right flowers for your next big occasion. 

Sympathy Flowers

Flowers are the perfect way to express your condolences when there has been a bereavement. Flowers represent hope and can help the recipient through a difficult time. White is traditionally the colour most associated with sympathy, Flowers such as lilies, white roses, orchids, carnations, chrysanthemums, irises or gladioli are all safe choices.

Valentine’s Day Flowers 

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there really is only one choice. Roses have dominated Valentine’s Day for decades and continue to be the flower of choice for the romantics out there. Whether you choose a single rose, a small bunch or two dozen, roses instantly say ‘I love you.’ 

Mother’s Day Flowers

Everyone wants to show their mother how much she means to them on Mother’s Day. To show your mother how much you care, you will want to choose an arrangement that truly makes them feel appreciated. The flowers you choose should look great, as you know she will be eager to show them off! Vibrant, colourful roses, chrysanthemums and carnations are a great choice and work fabulously together in a bouquet. 

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I’m Sorry Flowers

Everybody makes mistakes from time-to-time but it’s important to make amends and move on when you have a disagreement or an argument with a loved one. Flowers are the perfect way of saying ‘I’m sorry’ and can help you both to move past this little bump in the road. Yellow is the colour of friendship and white is the colour of peace. Match these two colours for the perfect apology bouquet. Lilies and white roses go perfectly together and are always well received. 

Congratulations Flowers

There are so many different reasons that you might want to send someone a bunch of congratulations flowers. From passing a driving test to graduating from university, getting a job, buying a house, being promoted and so many other important life moments to celebrate, there are countless times that flowers are the perfect way to express your feelings. Choose seasonal flowers that are in bloom and put a little thought into the flowers you are going to choose for that extra little touch. 

Choose The Right Flowers For Your Next Big Occasion

If you have a big occasion coming up, flowers could be the perfect way to share how you feel. Whether you are going to friends for dinner and want to say thank you, or you are visiting your grandmother and want to show her you care, flowers are the perfect gift. Be sure to choose your flowers carefully to make sure that you get the best bunch possible so you can truly wow the recipient and make them smile. 

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