How to Bike Uphill if You Are Overweight?

Top 4 Tips to Follow that will Boost Fat People to Bike Uphill

Being overweight is a constant emotional and physical struggle that a large percentage of our population faces. People are always looking for ways to put down others, and when it comes to overweight individuals, it seems like no one misses a chance.

Whether asked for or not, overweight individuals are always given a million suggestions on how they should lose weight. What’s worse is some are even criticized for not working on themselves, and at the same time, their efforts aren’t supported either.

Cycling is a good way for you to lose weight without overworking your joints. However, if you plan on cycling uphill, you may experience problems by putting more pressure on your wrists, rear, and knees. We definitely recommend building up strength on a stationary bike such as a Stryde bike but you’ll still need to take precautions and plan accordingly. Here are some pro tips on how you can begin.

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Plan Based on Topography

Cycling uphill requires overweight individuals to put in way more effort, whereas descending can be pretty fast as well -which can be dangerous either way. In the process of cycling uphill, you can end up damaging your wrist or knees.

 Apart from that, while cycling downhill, you can get into an accident if you lose balance. Therefore you can plan trips on small and occasional hills. You can do this by going over the topographical map before starting your journey to see how many hills you will be crossing.

This way, you will be mentally prepared for what’s to come and ready yourself for your cycling trip accordingly. Remember, cycling uphill isn’t something you can be proficient at in one day.


Before hitting the larger hills, you should start with smaller ones to get used to cycling uphill. This is essential because riding uphill is ten times more complicated than cycling on a flat road. Your muscles will eventually get accustomed to the strain through regular practice, and you will exert less energy than cycling without preparation.


 Overheating can lead to you falling sick on the trip uphill. Therefore it’s best if you wear light-colored clothes with a white helmet. Your helmet should have air holes for air to pass through easily. This way, you will attract less heat and sweat less, regulating your body temperature. Overheating during a strenuous workout is a genuine possibility that you should always prepare for.

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Join a Group

Cycling uphill can be a lot more entertaining if done in groups. You can find a group that takes the same route as you, or you can gather your friends and plan a trip together. When you have people cycling with you, there will be fewer chances of you giving up. Apart from that, since you will be distracted by the company, the journey won’t feel very long, and you will enjoy it instead of regretting it.


You should never let your weight get in the way of what you like to do, even if it’s cycling uphill. Cycling is a healthy way to shed weight if done correctly. Don’t forget to do some in-depth research about the pros and cons of cycling before you make up your mind.

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