Summer Trends for a Fresh Living Room

Top 4 Ideas for a Fresh Living Room For Summer

Most of us look forward to the summer season, the warm weather, the beautiful landscapes, the juicy fruits and how about a new look to your decor while at it—transition to the new weather by updating the current look of your living room. Find creative new creative ways to let in more fresh air in your space, sweet scents and natural light making it look like a small summer sanctuary.

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The Summer Trends for a Fresh Living Room

  • More Light Colours on Your Windows

Summer is all about the light hues to brighten up your space and let in more fresh air. Change up the heavy curtains with some soft sheer fabric. This will let you enjoy some natural light into your home, a fresh breeze to cool you offer while still offering some level of privacy. Try getting light colours for the sheer curtains, like white or peach; this will immediately provide that relaxing vibe.

  • Have a Splash of Colour

Some colour brings a room to life while it will complement the colours of your walls. A touch of red, some yellow or green will immediately give that summer feel and brighten up your space. If your furniture is dark, pair this with some bright throw pillows. To bring that beachy feel to your space, you can play around with blue, ultramarine or turquoise.

  • Improvements on Your Lighting

Summer is all about having more light into your space; the first thing is taking advantage of the natural light; this should be beaming right through your living room. To have this extra light ensure you regularly clean your windows, as dust is a culprit in block these beautiful rays. Also, reduce the number of furniture pieces you have around, open up space. And if you have items against the window that are blocking the natural rays, these need to be kept away for this season.

But if your room does not get sufficient light, you can play around with your walls’ colour, make use of light pastel colours, plus the furniture, try and have this in light coloured hues.

  • Explore Some Summer Scents for Your Living Space

The first thing that you immediately notice about a room is the scent, followed by the décor. And with the high temperatures upon us, the scent of a room gets affected. It is because fabrics and woods will easily absorb smells and certain odours during this season. To avoid the unpleasant aroma in a room, get fresh scents, thus making use of essential oils. You have a wide range of fragrances to explore. It all depends on your preference; this is from herbal, floral to fruity.

For a cooling yet fruity scent, try out orange, grapefruit or some lemon. For a floral scent, rose, geranium and jasmine are an excellent option. You can also explore the idea of herbal oils; it offers a desirable scent and can also be a calming agent, helps relieve stress and lift your mood; the likes of rosemary, lavender and basil.

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