Everything You’ll Need In Case Of An Apocalypse, Part 2

Things to Buy If There is an Apocalypse, Part 2

If you already read part 1, then you know what we’re up against. If not, read the first one and then come back to this one. So, the list continues, and if you want to survive the end of the world, or just go camping in the wilderness, you’ll need these items.

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1. Rock Climbing Rope

This item is just as essential as everything else on the list. It’s 65 feet or 20 meters long and can support the weight of 550 pounds or 250 kilograms. It’s firm, and it has a stainless steel D-ring locking carabiner. But it’s not just for climbing up or down, but also for fishing, boating or just securing your tent.

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2. Flashlights

Of course, you can’t go into the wild or survive an apocalypse with just fire. You need flashlights as well. These are waterproof, and you get 2 in 1 pack. They’re super bright and can last around 50.000 hours.

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3. First Aid Kit

We must not forget about health either. Injuries happen while camping, and they especially happen during and apocalypse. This first aid kit has 140 pieces of everything you need to keep yourself safe.

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4. Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries are always a must in any kind of an extreme situation. They’re pretty much like gold, especially when they’re rechargeable.

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5. Swiss Safe Thermal Blankets

They’re designed for NASA and all kinds of survival. In cold conditions, they will retain up to 90% of your body heat. They also block rain, snow and moisture. You get 4 blankets in 1 pack.

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6. Backpack

Lastly, you need a lot of space for all your survival gear. This backpack is waterproof and has enough pockets for everything.

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So, as we said, camping or exploring the wilderness can be dangerous, and it’s better to go prepared. Also, if the apocalypse really does happen – you better gear up fast. Hopefully, it won’t, but better safe than sorry.

P.S. A compass wouldn’t hurt either – Bracelet Compass

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