Covid-19 Face Masks

Face Masks to Protect You from Covid-19

The current Coronavirus pandemic is nothing to joke about. It has affected the whole world, and we must stay protected as much as possible. Wearing a face mask is important, but choosing the one you like is equally important. Here’s a list of Amazon’s top 10 face masks.

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1. AstroAI Reusable Mask

This black mask includes filters and four layers. It’s also easy to breathe in because of the increased ventilation lets heat escape which also prevents glasses from fogging.

Buy Now : AstroAI Reusable Mask

2. Reusable Washable Women’s Masks

These masks all come in different designs with different floral patterns. They’re made from pure cotton and are very comfortable. They’re also stylish and creative. 

Buy Now : Reusable Washable Women’s Masks

3. Plain Black

If you prefer just an elegant black mask without any decoration, this is the one for you. It’s also reusable, washable and made from 100% cotton. You get three in one pack.

Buy Now : Plain Black

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4. Plain White

This one is pretty much the same as the black one. The only difference is that it’s only 35% cotton, but you get five instead of three.

Buy Now : Plain White

5. Black and White Masks

If you seriously want to stock up on face masks, this is the pack for you. It includes 50 reusable cotton masks! And you get to choose the colour that fits your outfit the best.

Buy Now : Black and White Masks

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6. Boy’s Face Mask

Not only do these masks protect your kid, but they also look cool. Meant for age 4 – 14. You get 3 different style masks in a pack, made from soft cotton.

Buy Now : Boy’s Face Mask

7. Girl’s Face Mask

Same as boy’s masks, only cuter. The outer layer is 100% Poly Microfiber, while the inner layer is 100% soft cotton.

Buy Now : Girl’s Face Mask

8. Masks for Boys and Girls

These masks are more about protection and less about fashion. They have five layers and filter cloth. They also have ear extender straps to relieve the pain after wearing them for a long time.

Buy Now : Masks for Boys and Girls

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9. Funny Kid’s Masks

And we have another one for the kids since they are the most precious to us. It protects, but it also comes in many different styles. You want to give your child a moustache? Done. A zipper or a cat snout? Done. Adults can wear it too if they still have that inner child in them.

Buy Now : Funny Kid’s Masks

10. Standard Face Mask

It’s a classic blue mask with three layers. It’s the most common one we see people wearing. Not everything has to be unique. Sometimes it’s just about being responsible. You get 50 in one pack.

Buy Now : Standard Face Mask

Please note that most of these masks are not FDA-approved and you should check before buying.

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