Effective Ways to Prepare for A Roadtrip in Australia

Driving through Australia’s red center and down to its stunning coastline is the best way to experience the beauty of this country. If you’re new to Australia or traveling for a vacation from another country, there are several circumstances to avoid and blunders to avoid! We’ve taken road trips throughout the country and learned a few things along the way. Continue reading to learn five essential Australian road trip tips to know before you travel.

Be knowledgeable about digital route maps.

This is the perfect time to use digital maps to plan out your routes, stops, and itinerary. It will be a great help to learn about Apple Maps or Google Maps so that you can navigate effortlessly without any distractions or complications. Planning and optimizing your route will get you faster to your destination, saving a lot of gas and time as well.

Ready your playlist

Have you heard of the saying “in the middle of nowhere?” Well, if you want to have a trip to Australia, you should be aware that you will pass through many routes in the middle of nowhere during your trip. In fact, the vast majority of the country probably falls into this category. 

Telstra and Optus are the two largest mobile networks in Australia, and each provides superior coverage in different places. Telstra is your best hope for reception in the most remote areas, but there are still many spots with little to no signal. If you don’t like traveling in silence, you should prepare your playlists ahead of time.

Make sure your mobile vehicle is in condition.

As previously said, if you move out of the larger cities, mechanics might be hard to come by, and parts can be scarce. Consider getting your vehicle in for a thorough service and informing the technician of your plans; that depends on how far your trip is.

Check your tires, oil, and coolant if you’re sticking to well-traveled and more developed routes. It would also be practical to bring extra oil and coolant to get you to the next town if something goes wrong.

Always bring a spare key.

This is related to the previous point because locking your keys in the car will result in a costly call-out. The only other option is to smash your window, which will be pricey as well! A little key safe from a hardware store is a less expensive option. 

These safes have a combination lock and may be mounted discreetly on the outside of your vehicle. Another alternative is to let a second group member carry a spare key and store it somewhere that will be taken out of the car frequently, such as a phone case or a wallet.

When having a road trip in Australia, a night or sunrise/sunset drive is not ideal.

Kangaroos are one of Australia’s most well-known creatures and one of the country’s most iconic symbols. If you wish to see kangaroos in Australia, you don’t have to go to one of their zoos. There’s even a good chance you’ll see one during your trip. But always be careful about what you wish for, especially when having a sunrise/sunset drive. Unfortunately, many kangaroos are hit by cars, as evidenced by the evidence found at the side of the road in rural regions. The vast majority of these mishaps occur at night and sunrise/sunset when the animals are at their most active. 

Kangaroos are large animals that can cause significant damage to your vehicle, and there are many of them in the countryside. If you must drive late at night and come across a kangaroo, it is preferable to hit the kangaroo rather than try to swerve around it. Drivers swerving at high speeds create many serious accidents, and a damaged car is preferable to severe injury or death.

These are only a few of the many practical methods for preparing for your trip to Australia. However, the most important approach to prepare, especially when going to an unknown location, is to educate yourself and acquaint yourself with your routes. So make a mental note of these five crucial tips to prepare for your vacation to Australia.

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