Australian Partner Visa English Requirement FAQs

The Department of Home Affairs will consider only those applicants who fulfilled Functional English criteria for subclass 309 Partner (Provisional) Visa and subclass 820 Temporary Partner Visa. Leaving to Australia on these Partner Visas will be denied if the applicants fail to meet the criteria. The new rules are mandatory for every individual who wants to apply for a Partner Visa Australia and secure Permanent Residency.

Earlier, Australian PR holders used to sponsor loved ones not through skills but based on relationship proofs. The minimum applicant and sponsor have to meet Functional English that is the minimum English requirement for Partner Visa. But if you are an Australian citizen, you are exempted from providing test details.

It was the Morrison government that initiated the new reforms earlier. Every spouse will be allowed entry into Australia if the latter take the test. They have to provide details for Subclass 309 Partner (Provisional) Visa and Subclass 820 Temporary Partner Visa. Let’s shift our attention to know more about the Australian partner visa applicants, visa criteria, and the necessary changes through Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Some FAQs for Partner Visa Applicants Are

1. Importance of Functional English

It is Functional English defined under immigration law. To prove language proficiency, the applicant and sponsor have to meet a particular score in the examination. They have to meet Functional English, i.e., 4.5 Band in IELTS with no less than 4 in any section.

At the same time, they need to obtain 30 overall if taking PTE Academic test.

2. Describe The New Changes

Every individual has to clear English language proficiency test criteria for subclass 100 and 801 Partner Permanent Visa whether they are applying for an onshore or offshore partner visa. It is not a competent English level that is mandatory.

3. Why Are the Proposed Changes?

The English language requirement is compulsory for both applicants and sponsors. It aims at providing opportunities to migrants so that they maximize career opportunities and social integration in Australia.

4. What Are the Academic Details You Need to Provide?

You must provide details of a trade certificate or diploma, degree, higher degree in an educational institution in Australia or outside the country. At least, you require full-time study of two years with all instructions in English. If you studied in an Australian institute, you should show specific education details i.e., primary, secondary, or tertiary.

5. Which Partner Visa Holders Will Not Be Affected by The New Changes?

The new changes will not affect those applying

  • Prospective Marriage Visa-Subclass 300
  • Offshore Partner (Provisional)-Subclass 309
  • Subclass 820 Onshore Partner Visa (Provisional)
  • Language criteria are not applicable if any couple provides relationship proof for Partner Visa-Subclass 801, without 2 years wait. The criteria are not for those on the temporary visa.
  • Exemption for those applicants who are passport holders of Canada, USA, New Zealand/Ireland
  • If the sponsor is an Australian citizen
  • Any couple who meets long-term relationship are granted subclass 801 Partner visa (Permanent). The couple does not have to wait for 2 years on a provisional visa. The English requirement for Partner Visa is not applicable.

6. What Do Applicants Need to Do?

  • If you are eligible for a partner visa permanent stage, apply soon before the proposed changes come into effect.
  • Develop English skills with the help of AMEP (Adult Migrant English Program) courses while you are on Partner Provisional Visa

7. Describe The New Rules in Detail?

Apart from Functional English, every applicant for an Australian partner visa will have to make extra efforts to learn English. It also applies to the applicants’ sponsors if they are Permanent Residency holders.

8. Explain Reasonable Efforts of Learning English?

You need to demonstrate the completion of 500 hours of free English classes with the help of AMEP.

9. Reasons for Introducing These Changes

The new changes offer an opportunity for every overseas migrant to maximize social integration and career opportunities in Australia.

10. Who Is Exempted from The English Requirement?

You are exempted from the English requirement if you are

  • Below 18 years at the time of applying for a partner visa, or
  • Over 65 years at the time of applying for the visa
  • Even those physically and mentally challenged are exempted from the language requirement. These individuals are unable to meet the requirement.

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