Perfect Guide to Wedding Photography in Melbourne

Perfect Guide to Wedding Photography in Melbourne

Choosing the ideal wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make. There’s a lot more to your wedding photography than simply the big day. It’s the first day of an incredible and glorious journey together, a chapter that will only end when…well, don’t worry about that for the time being! how you felt and how you loved should be captured, as well as how others loved you on that particular day. The photos you receive are a time capsule that will transport you back in time and allow you to recall certain events and feelings.

Styles of wedding photography

Photographing a wedding is a highly intimate experience. You’re not simply searching for someone to take ‘snaps’ of your day; you’re seeking for someone to make memories for you. Your wedding photographs should reflect your individuality, masters of the craft like Lavan Photography make this happen. The images must reflect who you are, what you value, and who you care about. There are still classic wedding photographers out there, but there are a variety of styles and techniques to choose from. Choose a style and approach that reflects your personality as a pair.


The search results will include terms like editorial, fine art, fashion, documentary, narrative, natural, alternative, photojournalist, vintage, and others. Choose the style that is best for you, but keep in mind that some styles are fairly similar. The majority of my couples indicated a desire for natural photography; many admit to being awkward in front of the camera, but they understand that their wedding day will not be ideal. Typically, this yields “natural” images.

Costs of wedding photography

Weddings may be quite expensive. The setting, on the other hand, becomes little more than a backdrop for memories as time passes, the dress is stored but never worn again, and the food, wine, and cake are all devoured in one day. Whatever the circumstances, these are the costs you have decided to bear. The images taken during the day, on the other hand, are the most useful. Wedding photography may appear to be an unnecessary expense, and it is, but the photographs you receive will grow in value over time. They, in my opinion, are what assist you in remembering the rest, but most importantly, the love.

The procedure for wedding photography differs, as it does for all products and services. You pay for quality, elegance, expertise, and professionalism. This is one of the most significant expenditures you’ll ever make. Your wedding photos will be passed down through the generations. Some photographers will photograph for a few hours, while others will photograph for several days. You may prepare for some moments, but the ones you don’t plan for are frequently the ones that count the most. It’s critical to have the correct individual on hand to catch everything.

A brief internet search turns up examples of couples hiring loved ones to shoot their wedding; the outcomes are rarely satisfactory. Or of couples who’ve been upset because their photographer overlooked important moments in life, or of lesser-known photographers who missed the images. If you pay for expertise and knowledge, you will be repaid with incredible memories. Prices in Australia typically vary from $2000 to $10,000. The average price ranges from $3000 to $5500. However, consider what you receive for your money. Some photographers are spared from paying for travel and lodging, while others are required to do so. Do they have a website where you can purchase prints? Is it possible to order prints? Is it possible to obtain albums? All of these factors should be considered while selecting a wedding photographer.

What makes photographs so powerful?

Even though your wedding day is just a few hours long, you will want to remember it for years to come. You’ll want to show it to your friends, family, children, and grandkids. Wedding photos are more than simply images that you and your partner will retain for yourselves. They are, instead, photos that will be passed down through generations.


That is why images have always played such an important part in our lives: they let us connect with our history. They evoke memories of people and places. Most importantly, they allow us to relive our emotions and share our stories with others.

Wedding photographs depict the bride and groom at a point in time when they are radiant and joyful. These images reflect not just the day, but also the couple’s attitude, style, and originality. They are an integral part of who the couple is and what they stand for. This is why it’s critical to document both the little and major information. Capture aspects that you might not have considered capturing. Consider the wedding images to be a kind of time capsule. These photos will be remembered for years to come, so be creative!

What are the essential wedding photos?

That poses another question: what should be included in your wedding album? The key to creating an amazing wedding picture album is to incorporate all of those special moments and details.

We are all unique individuals. What is special to one person may be meaningless to another. So, feel free to concentrate on any moments you believe are important to record. Then, make an appointment with your wedding photographer to go through these details.

Here are some wedding images that you won’t want to miss:

  • The bride is the first to get ready. For many brides, this is an important moment. They will want to keep their loved ones’ memories alive by aiding them in putting on that one-of-a-kind gown they may have desired since they were little girls. The gown that will turn a bride into a showpiece.
  • The official phase comes next. Everyone stands and applauds as the doors swing open and the bride walks down the aisle.
  • Of course, there’s the first look when the groom’s eyes meet the bride’s. One of the most memorable scenes occurs at the majority of weddings.
  • The ceremony during which you exchange rings and vows.
  • You’ll be proclaimed husband and wife once you’ve wedded.
  • That moment when the bride and groom share their first kiss.
  • Finally, the joy you two experience immediately following the ceremony as you walk back down the same aisle as husband and wife.


Why is it important to have a good photographer?

There is always a difference in quality, abilities, and experience. We can only advise you to contact an expert if your memories are vital to you. A photographer who has been certified by a professional organization. It takes a lot more than a shutter to convey a story. It’s a really intimate and emotional experience. Select a photographer whose work speaks to you. Someone who can photograph in any weather and under any circumstances. Someone who is familiar with natural light and can create it when none is available. On your wedding day, time is always of the essence. Always. A wedding photographer who can shoot quickly, make quick choices, and, most importantly, understands who you are.

Make sure to look at the entire wedding collection rather than just the highlight reel. On a wedding day, it’s simple to acquire one or two fantastic shots, but only a professional can tell a beautiful tale over 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, or even 24 hours. We think that every moment matters and will continue to matter in the future. We understand how much time and effort goes into arranging your event. After all, we’re planners. However, after 20 years in the business, we’ve learned what is really important. It’s your narrative. Time passes, but memories last a lifetime. Once you’ve got your photos make sure you curate them into the perfect photo books so you can keep them for yourself or give them out to family members. Remember, if you don’t use good photo books to store and display the prints you won’t be viewing them how they’re meant to be viewed.

Final words

The finest images are those that are taken on the spur of the moment. While your first dance and parent dances are crucial, suggest your wedding photographer focus on photos that capture your genuine love, such as the off-camera looks that the groom and bride share. Or the exchange of glances between you and your loved ones. All of these are important to remember. You should also think about the ornamental features of your wedding:

The flowering of your new life is symbolized by this bouquet. Shoes and rings are two items that photographers may use to their advantage. Also included are the cake, which serves as the focus of your wedding meal, as well as all of the other delights served to your guests. Wedding photos are crucial since they are the most effective way to preserve your wedding memories. It’s not just about shoes and cake, but also about people and feelings.

These are concrete proof of how wonderful your wedding day was and how delighted your family and friends were. They’re the things that will make you laugh and weep long after the final light in your reception area has gone out. And only a professional wedding photographer can provide you with these assurances.

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