Debt Is A Virtual Prison-Get Debt Free

Being in Debt is like being in a Virtual Prison- Get Debt Free

Most people go through life in debt, the more it piles the less it becomes easier to pay. Adding to your stress level. Imprisoning you to a brand name, the debtor. A bad reputation to go by, in a world where you might need help once in a while.

So, debt is a virtual prison-get debt-free, but how, is it that easy. With a proper spending disciplinary in place, it can be easy. However, it won’t be that easy all the way, you will have to deny yourself a lot.


Debt Is A Virtual Prison-Get Debt Free By Creating a Budget

You should have a budget in place, if you do not have it already. This is probably the top reason you have so many debts piled up. No idea how much you are spending or borrowing. By doing this you will know where you spend most and remove any extra spending from your list. You will end up saving more money and borrowing less.

Debt Is A Virtual Prison-Get Debt Free By Downsizing Temporarily

Take a look at your regular monthly spending and cut off anything you find unnecessary. It can range from eating-out to various forms of entertainment with friends. You can always get back to your extravagant lifestyle after you are debt free.


On the same note, you can sell any unnecessary items so as to raise more money and decrease your debts. You can do this either on eBay or online yard sales like Facebook groups or offline through garage sales.

Have an Emergency Fund

Having a back-up plan is not a bad idea, especially if you have loads of debts to pay. Emergency funds often come in handy when you have nowhere to lean to but yourself. Be sure to always build it up, even before you clear any of your debts. You never know when the unexpected can rise again.


Make Minimum Monthly Payments

The fastest way to get debt free is to always make your monthly payments on time. You will likely avoid paying more interest rates and late fees. Moreover, you can put more money on the card with high-interest rates and continue paying the others slowly.

Also, remember to make a list of all debts starting with the ones with the highest interest rates. It makes the payment manageable.

Debt Is A Virtual Prison-Get Debt Free By Increasing Your Income

You can opt to look for a new job or do some side-business to increase your income. Through this you can manage to pay off your debts faster than you imagined and also save.

Debt Is A Virtual Prison-Get Debt Free
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Make The Process A Habit

Make the whole process a habit and never stop paying your dues. You can always reward yourself when you have cleared your debt. Make the whole process enjoyable and freeing. Likewise, debts can be over-weighing and burdening so go out and relieve all that burden and enjoy yourself.

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