Critical Analysis The Giver by Lois Lowry

Detailed Analysis The Giver by Lois Lowry

Brief Synopsis 

In a world with some of the common problems eliminated, such as global warming and employment, there’s very little hope and love. All these problems are eliminated with a cost; free will, colours, and love. The book is actually about a young lad known as Jonas. Jonas is special.

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At the age of 11. Jonas was chosen to be the Receiver of Memories which required him to be secluded from the rest of his peers. He was taken under the mentorship of the Giver and taught how to see colours figuratively and literally. All his other friends were assigned jobs. With time, Jonas was able to see that there’s something wrong with their utopia.

Critical Analysis of the Story 

Lois Lowry wrote an amazing story in this book. As you get to understand the book, you will end up questioning the necessity of control. And at the same time, the consequences of a perfect world. The best part about this book is that the writer was able to successfully create a parallel planet.

This book also teaches some sense of morals when Jonas lost the trust of his parents. At the beginning of the book, Jonas was a normal child who trusted his parents completely. However, when The Giver shows Jonas the tape where his father was releasing a new child and the trust is severed.

That moment is what forced Jonas to leave the community earlier than anticipated by The Giver.

About the Author

Lois Lowry is an American Book writer who has written 45 different and entertaining children book. One of them is The Giver. Born in 1937, Lois is known for her difficult subject matters when writing novels for children.

Lois uses The Giver to give the youths a chance to relate to the unusual situations in this book. Even my not so bookish friend was able to connect and understand what is going on. Lois has other books in line and I can’t wait to get my hands on any of her new books.

What Makes The Book So Scary? 

Control is something we all fear for humanity. This book brings out the worst in control. As much as the characters have a better life and the future is so clear, they don’t have a piece of heart. Jonas being able to see what the parents did is a show of the cruelty that mankind is capable of.

All in all, this book is good for any child and teaches them not to be control freaks. I don’t know about you but I’d love my kids to take a look at this edition.

What Makes it Readable? 

If I remember correctly, The Giver was an option to read when I was in elementary school. But since there were limited copies I chose to read another book. And Yes, I’m actually reading this book now.

I know the book was meant for kids but once you start flipping the page, I guarantee you that you’ll get glued. Simply put, this book connects to both the young and older readers. Some will hate it while others like me will fall in love with it. But the thought and debate this book inspires is simply undeniable.

Have you ever wondered how you would explain colour red, snow or even falling in love to a person who has never experienced any of these feelings? Then you’d be amazed by how Lowry’s style of writing brings out these feeling in 200 pages. That’s true talent right there!

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