Corona Virus VS The Black Plague

Comparison Between Corona Virus and The Black Plague

Obviously, Coronavirus is a severe disease. A disease surrounded by many conspiracy theories that are just that – conspiracy theories, false information. So, instead of adding unnecessary fuel to a worldwide panic, let’s compare this epidemic to the one that happened in the 14th century. Also, let’s make a little comparison of the pros and cons now and back then. After this, you definitely must read our article about protection and safety in case the world ends.

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1. COVID-19

So, this virus started not so long ago. It was on December 31st, 2019, in Wuhan, China. What a great way to start your New Year’s Eve. Oh, wait, China celebrates New Year on February 12th, so we guess it was just another day for them. Well, it was kind of a bigger deal than “just another day”. Anyway, it slowly began to spread throughout the world, and eventually created a pandemic. According to the WHO, there are at this moment 17,396,943 confirmed cases and 675,060 deaths globally.  While the numbers are still increasing. The most confirmed cases are in America and the least in the Western Pacific.

2. The Black Plague

This bacteria (not virus) arrived in Europe in October 1347, along with 12 ships that came from the Black sea and docked in Italy, therefore spreading to the rest of Europe. Quickly, it spread to China, India, Persia, Syria and Egypt. It was also called The Black Death since death from this plague looked absolutely morbid horrific. The bodies had to be burned to stop further spreading of the plague. It actually lasted a whole 5 years and during that time killed 20 million people.

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Now Let’s Compare Having a Pandemic Today and Having a Pandemic 8 Centuries Ago. What are The Pros and Cons of Each One?

3. As today’s epidemic is also extremely unfortunate, it’s still way better than it would be in the 14th century. In these modern times, we have a lot of privileges – primarily, the technology, then a warm home, running water, electricity, and best of all – the Internet! While on lockdown, we are fortunate enough to mostly have everything we need within our own home. We can watch movies online, read books online, listen to music, chat or video chat with our friends and family. We can even visit a virtual museum, pay bills online, read the news updates, order food delivered right to our doorstep, and, best of all – video games! We can play Minecraft, Fortnite, LoL and many others. We can keep ourselves entertained, productive and educated. Sure, it might get a little stale and boring after a couple of months but, hey, it still beats the 14th century, right?

4. Eight centuries ago, it was pure tragedy. Imagine having no running water, no electricity and no advanced medical science. Also, no Internet. No internet! Yes, back then, people had no idea about any of that stuff so something they already don’t have, can’t be considered a loss at the first place. Besides, they had their own way of entertainment, just different from ours. But still, just imagine it. Imagine travelling back in that time right now. You take baths once a week, and your bathtub is heated by firey rocks underneath. You have no computer, no phone, no artificial light and basically nothing to do but sit in your house, trapped. And did we forget to mention thousands of icky rats running around everywhere, some alive, some dead? Also, there’s this small thing of excruciating ugly death.

It’s most definitely safe to say that we’d rather have a pandemic now than 8 hundred years ago.

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And now a bonus of a few dark fun fact

5. What if COVID-19 wiped out 25% of the human population? What would you do? Besides the apparent feelings of sadness and grief. Well, first of all, you’d start repopulating, if you know what I mean. Not much to choose from, so pretty much anyone, men and women, could enjoy themselves all they long with a perfect excuse of repopulating the planet.

6. What if COVID-19 wiped out 50% of the human population? What would you do? Again, excluding the feeling of profound melancholy, and the economy that would suffer greatly – there would be 50% less traffic and finding a parking space in the centre of the city would be a piece of cake.

7. What if COVID-19 wiped out everyone except you? Just think about it – you’re all alone in the entire world. Completely and utterly alone. What would you do? Naturally, you’d start running around naked in the streets. What else would you do, really? Maybe you would spend some time on the beach singing “Hakuna Matata” as loudest you can. After all, no one can hear you, and the word embarrassment is long gone from your dictionary. Yeah, you’d probably do that, until a few weeks later you grow a thick beard and go completely insane. However, if you have some else in mind, something special and more creative, please share it – we would love to hear it.

Disclaimer: This text was just a fun comparison between the Black Plague and COVID-19. “What ifs” are just fiction and have nothing to do with the current situation. Therefore, this was not meant to inform, but to entertain. For any official information regarding the Coronavirus, please visit World Health Organisation’s website or CDC’s website.

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