Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Ties With The Real Gangs

Celebrities Who Had Ties With Gangsters

When discussing the really rich and celebrities in relation to gang affiliation, one thing always seems to stand out. That is, their gang affiliations always usually creep up when they have become a mainstay in the mainstream media. 

Unless of course, some of these guys need these media projections to sell a certain tough-guy image and gain some kind of street credibility, in the case of gangster rappers, then it would make sense that they would stir things up to get people talking.

1. James Caan 

Mr tough guy, James Caan, a legendary Hollywood figure, has blessed the screen with his tough-guy persona. Some of his best works have come in organized crime movies like The Godfather and the Way of the Gun. Coincidence? Probably. 

Caan is long time friends with a known member of the Colombo Crime Family, Andrew Russo. He says the friendship has spanned over 30 years, and at one time, has tried helping Russo with a bail hearing.

2. Danny Trejo        

Star actor in the movie Machete, Danny finally got a big break to play a leading role in a movie which allowed him to play a role almost as identical as his off-screen persona. Danny was in the gangs as a youngster but a time in the Soledad Prison helped him see things differently and he turned his life around.

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3. Robert De Niro

De Niro, having starred in many crimes family movies, coincidentally has real ties to the Gambino crime family, as well as allegedly being in the gang as a teenager.

4. Chris Brown

Chris Brown is known to always make gang gestures and hand signals in his music videos. He is affiliated with the Blood gang, and though he might not be an initiated member of the gang, it is believed that the Blood gang gave him their blessings to claim and throw up their signs. It is believed that Chris has helped some of the gang members with jobs while on set with some of his videos; this has led to some kind of affinity between Chris and the Blood.

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5. The Game

Former G-Unit signee and Dre’s protégé, The Game is a known member of Blood Gang and he never misses an opportunity to show it. 

6. Snoop Dogg

Snoop belongs to the Rolling 20s Crips, he doesn’t hide it, always crip walking and hanging his blue bandana.

Fun Fact

Is Chris Brown Piru?

The Love and Hip Hop actor said of his gang with Hollywood Unlocked, he has been in more contact with the neighborhood than Chris. “Chris Brown and I are from the same neighborhood,” Soulja Boy said Friday. “I’m from Pompton, Fruit Town Peru. I’m a member of the Blood Gang.

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