Can Cats Be More Funnier Than Dogs?

Cats vs Dogs Videos

Relax, this not a “Fight Club” type competition. It’s all about who’s smarter. Or cuter. Decide for yourself. Even if you’re a cat lover or a dog lover you’ll definitely love this list. Here’s a list of the top 5 most popular “Cats vs. dogs” videos on YouTube.

1. Obstacle Challenge CAT Vs DOG

There are 3 rounds in this challenge. Many different objects are placed on the floor while cats and dogs try to avoid them without knocking them over. Who do you think won? Either way, it’s hilarious!

2. Cats Vs Dogs: Which Is A Better Pet?

We all love our pets, they are part of the family. But which one is better – a cat or a dog? It’s very hard to choose since they’re both so adorable in their own way. That’s why WatchMojo made this video. It might help you choose, or simply love them equally.

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3. Try Not To Laugh Challenge

The title says it all. Cats and dogs just messing around with each other, playing and having fun. Although the real question is – who will win?

4. Life With A Dog Vs Life With A Cat

This is an amazing video that shows exactly how cats and dogs act in 16 different situations. For example – hugging the dog vs. hugging the cat. Most are highly relatable to pet owners. Also, very very funny. It has over 15 million views.

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5. 9 Proofs That Cats And Dogs Are From Different Planets

It seems that scientists are still trying to figure out why cats and dogs are so different. While doing that, they’re also looking at pet owners and how they differ. Will they solve the mystery?

While our four-legged friends are truly different, we couldn’t imagine our lives without either of them. Nevertheless, if you had to choose, which one would it be? Would you rather woof or meow? 

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Fun Fact

Are cats more liked than dogs?

Cats are more popular than dogs in 91 countries, and dogs are more popular in 76 countries. The United States, Australia and the United Kingdom are all dog people’s countries. In New York City, photos with cat or dog identifiers were the most common in the world, with 59.6% related to cats, not dogs.

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