Walking clothes. Before one plans to start doing something, it is important to dress properly. The saying ‘dress for success’ is clear enough to indicate that dressing is an essential part in order to achieve something. And so is walking with the proper walking clothes.

These are some of the useful guidelines to help one choose the right walking clothes:
  1. Shoes: Even thou walking is associated to training the cardio-vascular system, there is no doubt that long walks give physical burden to the legs. It is important to choose the right shoe for your feet. Today, there are various types of shoes in the market, designed specifically for certain kinds of exercises. The running shoes would be the most suitable one if you are planning to walk or jog. A pair of normal running shoes is usually made out of cloth, rubber and plastic. They are specially designed to be light, good traction and flexible. More emphasis is given to the cushioning to reduce the impact. Special made insole could also be used to add comfort, control the shape of the feet, absorb moisture and prevent smell.
  2. Proper workout socks: A pair of good workout socks could help to prevent traction between the foot and shoe, provide comfort and keep the feet clean. The socks could absorb sweat and draw it up to where the air could dry it. During colder seasons, socks could keep the feet warm by retaining the moisture, thus preventing frostbite. When the feet are exposed to cold, the peripheral arteries constrict, thus supplying less blood to your feet. The cold would also numb you feet and making you hard to control you walking posture. It is very easy to get a frostbite so special emphasis should be put on wearing an extra pair of socks if you choose to walk /jog in the winter.
  3. Proper clothes: It is important to dress for comfort while you are doing exercises. For walking, normal loose tee shirt and shorts would do. Dress according to the season. If it is cold, it is important to keep yourself warm. During the cold seasons, try to dress in layers. The inner layer should be made of fabric that could wick your sweat away from you body. The next layer could be a shirt or sweater which you could remove easily. For the outer layer, you can wear a windproof or a waterproof jacket, depends on the climates that you are living in. If you choose to exercise at night, it is important to choose the correct color or material so that one could see you while you are jogging along the side of the road. You could also purchase reflective strips and put it on your walking outfit at night. It is better to have reflective elements showing in all directions.
  4. Hats: It is important to protect your head from excessive sun light during the summer and from cold and frostbite during the winter.

That would be all about the necessary things that you should know before starting your walk. Remember to drink water and keep yourself hydrated before, during and after you walk!

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