Can’t Sleep Should i just Stay up All Night? Like Your Life Depends On It

Scientific Experiment Where in Order to Stay Alive And Earn Money You Must Not Fall Asleep For More Than 60 Seconds

Professor Nichcha is a member of the faculty of a medical school. Her lecture about sleeplessness and its effects kicks off the film. In the worst-case situation, an insomniac may lose their capacity to differentiate between fantasy and reality. As a result, the discourse gently foreshadows the impending peril.

Jane is a talented medical student who takes care of her young-blood sister June and her sick grandma Duangjai. Jane is unable to repay her house loan due to a low aggregate income and so decides to discontinue her education to exert herself in earning money. Professor Nichcha, on the other hand, refers her to a German pharmaceutical business for part-time work that may help her pay off her debts.

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Jane hears about the ongoing sleep experiment “The Deep” at Weimar Pharmaceuticals. The business inserts a microchip in its victims to collect Qratonin, a substance produced by the human body to keep them awake. Through their work, Weimar hoped to employ these chemicals to cure brain-dead patients.

Jane receives 100,000 Baht from Hans Miller, head of the Weimar Research Facility, for the Deep Level 1 experiment. The microchip is implanted in the occipital lobe of the brain, where it will harvest Qratonin. When Jane’s Qratonin level reaches 100 percent, as monitored by a digital wristwatch, the experiment will be regarded as a success. The all-seeming-to-be-good narrative, however, contains a twist. The microchip may short-circuit and cause Jane’s heart to stop if she falls asleep for more than 60 seconds. As a result, she is only able to sleep once the experiment is over and the chip is removed.

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Jane first believes she is the only participant in this suicide experiment, but she soon encounters three coworkers on the voyage. Win, a party animal, Cin, a popular beauty blogger, and Peach, a gaming enthusiast, provide excitement and drama to the story.

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