Rich Family Isn’t Aware That Someone is Living Inside Their Mansion

Family Isn’t Aware That Someone is Living Inside Their Mansion For 4 Years, Everything Changes After That

“Parasite” is unlike any other film you’ve ever seen. Dammit. I tried to stay away from it. It’s true this time.

Kim Ki-woo and his family are experiencing financial difficulties. To deal with the infestation, they make money by folding pizza boxes for a delivery service, stealing wifi from a nearby coffee shop, and leaving windows open while the area is fumigated. Kim Ki-life is enchanted when a buddy suggests he be an English tutor for a lady he’s been working with because the friend has to leave the country for a time. The friend adores the young lady and does not want her to be “slaved” by another teacher. Given what we know and have learned about him, it’s easy to wonder why Kim Ki-woo believes in him.

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The young man takes the name Kevin and begins tutoring Park Da-Hye (Jung Ziso), whom he falls in love with right away. Kevin has a far bigger plan in mind. He plans to relocate his entire family to this residence. Kevin’s sister “Jessica” (Park So-dam) entered the picture after persuading Yeon-Kyo (Jo Yeo-Jeong) that the house’s baby needs an art tutor. Mom and Dad arrive at the Park residence shortly after, and the Kims look to be doing well. The Parks seem to be happy as well. But you won’t believe what they find in their basement…everything changes after that.

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Aki Zhang
Aki Zhang
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