Canberra: Lake Burley Griffin

You might have heard of a number of artificial lakes built all around the world. However, no lake is as pristine as the Lake Burley Griffin of Australia. This artificial lake rests in the center of capital of Australia, Canberra. The lake was completed in the year 1963, post the ruin of the Molonglo river that found its way in between the city center and the Parliamentary Triangle. Lake Burley Griffin has been named after the American architect, Sir Walter Burley Griffin. He won the competition of designing the city of Canberra. This lake has been designed with a number of geometric motifs in order to line up the axes of the design with the natural geographical landmarks of the area.

The Constructions Around The Lake Burley Griffin: –

Though Lake Burley Griffin is a manmade lake, yet a lot of construction activities have taken place over the years over this lake in order to fetch out the maximum and the most fruitful use of water of this lake. This lake is therefore the base of a number of dams, bridges, islands, foreshores and lake fillings. This lake is crossed by the famous Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, the Kings Avenue Bridge along with a roadway over Scrivener Dam. These bridges were constructed before the lake was filled. The Scrivener Dam marks way to a number of water activities such as lake filling. Thus, the construction of the Lake Burley Griffin surely gave rise to a number of fruitful water activities.

Leisure Activities Carried Out Around The Lake: –

Apart from using the water coming out of the Lake Burley Griffin for various useful purposes, the lake is also a source of a number of leisure and fun activities. This lake can surely be considered as the water playground for a number of fun-filled activities such as rowing, boating, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding,  and many more. People often visit the Lake Burley Griffin strolling around and enjoy the scenic beauty of the city.

Your Visit to Lake Burley Griffin Is a Must: –

Lake Burley Griffin attracts a number of people, whether localities or outsiders towards it. The beauty of this artificial lake mesmerizes almost everyone. Thus, if you are travelling the city of Canberra, you must pay a visit to Lake Burley Griffin in order to enjoy a number of activities happening around it. You can catch a ferry, take a cruise or simple enjoy the views of crystal clear waters sitting with your family in tow.

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