Australian National Botanic Gardens

The Australian National Botanic Gardens is yet another beautiful destination of Canberra. These botanical gardens are administered and taken care by the Department of the Environment and Heritage of the Australian Government. These gardens represent the entire collection of nature’s beautiful gift to mankind. The Australian National Botanic Gardens showcase a beautiful array of all the native plants of the country. Along with a splendid bushland setting which attracts a billion of nature lovers towards it. These gardens have become a favorite spot for all the tourists and nature lovers who visit these gardens in order to escape into a calm atmosphere of beauty and tranquility.

History of the Australian National Botanic Gardens: –

The very first establishment of the Australian National Botanic Gardens was recorded in a report presented in the year 1933 when the city of Canberra was being planned. Later in the year 1935, the Dickson Report carried forward a fine framework for the development of these gardens. The ceremonial planting of the very first tree in the gardens was done by the then Prime Minister. The Australian National Botanic Gardens were officially made open to the public in the year 1970. These gardens spread very large as to their area extending over 90 hectares on the Black Mountains.

The Beautiful Collection Of The Plants: 

At the Australian National Botanic Gardens, you will come across the entire collection of all the native plants of Australia. The plants that are threatened in the wild are also planted and cultivated. The display at these gardens includes rainforest gully that features plants of the eastern rainforest area of the country. The Rock Garden, the Sydney Region Flora, the Mallee Plants, the Eucalypt Lawn, plants and bushes like banksias, waratahs, multi stemmed shrubs and grasses, wattles and various other native plants at the Australian National Botanic Gardens is simply worth your view.

Australian National Botanic Gardens – Indulge In The Beauty of Nature: 

The Australian National Botanic Gardens gives you not a single, but a lot many reasons to visit it for once. The plants here are displayed for the enjoyment of people as well as for various educative purposes. These plants are also used for research and classification process. Thus, the Australian National Botanic Gardens serve its people a two-way purpose – it is the best place to be in if you are one passionate lover and one very educative place if you are looking forward to carrying out your research in botany and biology.

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