Bitcoin Security and Privacy – A Comprehensive Guide

All You Need To Know About Bitcoin Security and Privacy 

Cryptocurrencies have only been around for a few years, and to most people, they’re still foreign and mysterious—only about 1% of the population of developed countries is estimated to have directly used Bitcoin either as an investment or as a means of payment.

Security and unfamiliarity are the primary concerns for people dealing with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is stored in software called ‘wallets’ on smartphones, computers, or specialized devices. But how do you choose a wallet? And how do you set them up to make safe transactions?

The recently published ebook ‘Bitcoin – Security and Privacy’ by Lexie M, goes into the practical details of how to securely store and use Bitcoin, no matter if you fear hackers, robbers, the government, or yourself.

The book also includes useful tips on how to buy and sell Bitcoin and how to make use of its security features like multi-signature wallets.

Privacy takes center-stage throughout: whether Bitcoin increases or decreases yours largely depends on how you use it.

Bitcoin Security and Privacy – A Comprehensive Guide

It is true that all Bitcoin transactions are permanently stored permanently in a publicly available ledger (called the Blockchain). But it is also possible to hide your real identity behind pseudonymous random keys and generate dozens of addresses at once.

Keeping those Bitcoin addresses anonymous and seemingly unconnected may be difficult for the new user, but Lexie demonstrates that anyone can do it—and with little effort.

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