Running Low on Budget? Here is a List of 5 Budget Smartphones For You

Top 5 Affordable Smartphones

The market of Smartphones has become so competitive that you don’t need to pay very high prices for the well suited and technological phone. Even with a range of features and specifications to choose from, you can very easily buy a budget smartphone which is going to be a masterpiece. There have been quite a number of recent models by the evolving companies which have managed to rock the Smartphone market with the ideal combination of price and features. So, here is a list of 5 Budget Smartphones for you.

  • Xiaomi Mi4i:

Xiaomi is a developing brand but it has made a mark of its own in a very firm manner with the quality of phones it delivers. It has a 13MP camera with 5MP front shooter. A 2GB of RAMM coupled with 1080p HD display and a 1.7 GHz Snapdragon processor is an ideal for any phone isn’t it? Not to forget its 3,000 mAh battery.

  • Red Mi 2:

Another one from Xiaomi, the Red Mi 2 is an ideal for all those who are in search of a low priced but tech-savvy smartphone. Red Mi 2 is a bliss for all smartphone buyers. An 8 MP camera with HD videos and a 1GB of RAM aboard, the Mi phone is a deadly one. With the MIUI 7 to soon come to this phone, the red mi 2 will receive new dimensions to it.

  • Motorola Moto G 3rd generation:

Motorola is yet another company which has been working really hard to achieve its said goals. Without too much of promotion or marketing, Motorola has created a user market for itself which is really commendable. The Moto G 3rd Gen is a combination of 1.4 Quadcore processor with a 2GB of RAM to make it work faster and better. The 13MP camera with a 5MP front shooter is again an ideal for all the photo lovers. This one is the best of all at the lowest price!

  • XOLO Black:

With time, the company has indeed lost a lot of its goodwill for reasons completely unknown. However, the XOLO black has to be talked about when listing the top 5 budget Smartphones by different companies. A dual camera with both 13 MP and 5 MP which lets you select how to focus the image is the key feature of this phone. A display as big as 5.5 inch HD and a 3,200 mAh batter is what the Smartphone possesses.

  • Lenovo A7000:

Lenovo’s A70000 has also made a mark in the current Smartphone market. A 2 Gb of RAM and 1.5 GHz processor, is indeed something which not everybody might be able to give at the said price. An 8MP rear camera and 5 MP front shooter is an amazing job.
So that was all on the list of top 5 budget Smartphones from a list of companies. XOLO was however an unexpected entry, but going by the features and entire concept, it had to be here. Xiaomi is another company which has managed to build quite a huge user base with its Smartphones

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