Beyond the Basic Black Frame: Creative Options for Your Framed Photos

Framed photos are a timeless decor element that can add personality and warmth to any room. While black frames are a classic choice, there are countless creative options to make your framed photos truly unique. In this article, we’ll explore some innovative ideas to elevate your framed photos and transform them into statement pieces that reflect your personal style.

Go Bold with Colourful Frames

One way to make your framed photos stand out is to use colourful frames. While black frames may be a safe and elegant choice, adding a pop of colour can bring a playful and dynamic feel to your space. You can choose bright and vivid colours to make a bold statement, or soft and muted tones to create a more subtle effect. Experimenting with different colours and textures can help you find the perfect frame to complement your photo and enhance the overall aesthetic of your space.

Get Creative with Shapes

Frames don’t have to be square or rectangular – exploring different shapes can add a sense of creativity and playfulness to your framed photos. Consider using circular frames to create a retro look, or hexagonal frames to add an edgy and modern touch. Triangular frames can bring a sense of geometric balance to your display, while asymmetrical frames can create an eclectic and artistic vibe. Playing with shapes is a great way to make your framed photos stand out and reflect your unique personality.

Mix and Match Frame Styles

Another way to add variety to your framed photos is by mixing and matching different frame styles. Combining vintage frames with modern ones can create an eclectic and stylish look, while using frames of the same colour or material can maintain a cohesive aesthetic. You can also experiment with different finishes, such as distressed wood, polished metal, or textured fabric, to create a more dynamic and interesting display.

Frame Your Photos with Unconventional Materials

Frames don’t have to be made of traditional materials like wood or metal – using unconventional materials can add a sense of uniqueness and creativity to your display. For example, you can use seashells or driftwood to create a relaxed beachy vibe, or repurpose old book covers to create a vintage literary look. Using natural materials like stone, marble, or cork can also create a rustic and organic feel that enhances the beauty of your framed photos.

Get Creative with Photo Matting

When it comes to framing photos, using a mat (also known as a passe-partout) has several benefits. Matting creates a border around the image, providing a visual break between the photo and the frame. This border can enhance the photo’s presentation, drawing the viewer’s attention to the image and giving it a more professional look. Matting also stops the photo from touching the glass, protecting it from damage.

However, full-bleed photos (i.e. those without matting) have their own advantages. With no border surrounding them, full-bleed images help create a more modern and minimalist design scheme – they can be particularly effective for large prints. Ultimately, the choice between using matting or full bleed will depend on the style of the photo and frame, as well as your personal preference.

Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great way to showcase multiple framed photos in a cohesive and visually striking way. By arranging your photos in a grid or a cluster, you can create a dynamic and eye-catching display that reflects your personal style and aesthetic. You can mix and match different sizes, shapes, and colours – and feel free to include other decorative elements such as mirrors, clocks, or art pieces.

Experiment with Lighting

Once your photos are on the wall, you can turn them into a truly magical display with some mood lighting. Adding small decorative light garlands to a framed photo display can add a beautiful and whimsical touch: try weaving the garlands around the frames, creating a twinkling border around the photos.

You can also use clips or mini clothespins to attach garlands to the frames themselves, bathing the photos in a gentle glow. This can be especially effective for holiday or special occasion displays, creating a festive and cosy ambience. Just be sure to use LED lights, which are cooler and less likely to cause damage to the photos or frames.

Custom Framed Photos: Where to Find Them?

Once you know which photos you’d like to have framed and how you’d like the frames to look, it’s time to find a reputable printing provider. And if you need to stick within a budget, look no further than Their frames are made from reclaimed plastic and come in a range of elegant colours. The prints’ timeless design will complement any decor scheme. With a focus on affordability and quality, is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create a beautiful display of their memories without spending too much.


Framed photos are a versatile and timeless decor feature that can be transformed into genuine works of art with a bit of creativity and experimentation. So go beyond the basic black frame and explore the endless possibilities of framing your photos, until you hit on a look that reflects your personal style and enhances the beauty of your living space too!



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