Best Australian Podcasts of 2019

Best Australian Podcasts You Should Listen in 2019

During the last couple of years, we’ve seen a real boom of podcasts, both in Australia and globally. Podcasts have quickly become one of the favorite activities for entertainment, pass time and making the best out of those boring commutes.

The best Australian podcasts educate and empower their listeners using their creators’ expertise and talent. In our list, we’ve aimed to include Australian podcasts that post frequently and have high ratings among listeners.

True Crime Australia Podcast

If you’re a fan of crime stories, you’ll be blown away by this spectacular podcast. It’s a serial podcast which takes a look at different notorious Australian crimes. True Crime Australian podcasts have included some of the lesser-known Australian crime stories, as well as the high-profile ones.

True Crime is hosted by Meshel Laurie and is considered one of the best Australian podcasts ever. In every case, Laurie talks with witnesses and victims’ families in order to get a big picture of every crime story.

Some of the best series include The Teacher’s Pet, Trace, Bowraville Murders, Felon True Crime…


This Australian podcasts is created and hosted by Wil Anderson, a famous Aussie comedian. It explores various deep topics like life & death, love, work, legacy…

Anderson often brings interesting co-host personas, so every episode is different from the previous ones. The show is captioned as Wil „asking smart people stupid questions“.

The Australian

If you want to listen to podcasts made by Aussies for Aussies, this one is the bingo. It’s a reporting podcast, so it tracks and covers politics, business, IT, finance and other events. It focuses on Australia specifically and posts about once per month.

The Adelaide Show

This Australian podcast is very inspirational and resembles the Humans of New York project, only in the Australian version. Featured guests talk about their passions, work and how they’re pursuing their ambitious goals.

There is a variety of topics included: art, history, food, philosophy, health, music, news…

The goal of this podcast is to make a collection of humans’ motivations, efforts and passions. If you’re feeling uninspired or burned out at work, definitely check out The Adelaide Show. There’s a new episode about 3 times per month.

ABC RN – The Money Podcast

This podcast is not just for people working in finance and business. It’s an insightful look at the machinery of the Australian economy. In a simple and entertaining way, the hosts explain the intricacies of the Australian money market and how it all fits into the grand scheme of things: the global economy. If you’re an Aussie, this show will open your eyes and you’ll see money and the economy in a whole new way.

The Signal – Australian News Podcast

If you prefer getting your news in a podcast form, this Australian podcast will provide you with a summary of the most important news of the day. Separate the meaningful news from the noise and get your daily dose of Australia news. 2020 Must see Podcasts

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