Top 10 Australian Podcasts in 2020

Ten of Australia’s Best PodCasts 2020

It is not astonishing that aural media has become an essential part of our lives irrespective of life’s stage. The recent years have seen a rapid surge in the world of podcasts with hundreds of entries on a daily basis. The listeners find them useful in discrete ways depending upon their taste and proclivity. Where some podcasts are informative, others are entertaining and humorous serving as a perfect pastime. In Australia, the podcast culture is marked with ironic soundscapes, humdrum humour and discursive anecdotes. If you have a liking for local Australian podcasts, then you are at the right place. Here, a list of top-rated podcasts has been compiled for podcast lovers:

1. The Australian

True to its name, The Australian podcast is by the Aussies for the Aussies. This reporting podcast keeps its listeners well informed through updated posts on diverse topics from business, politics, IT, science, finance to health and technology. With one Australia specific post per month, this podcast series is surely a bingo!

2. The Adelaide Show

Recorded in the city of Adelaide, this podcast showcases the interest of Southern Australia. The Adelaide Show covers universal topics for its listeners themed around history, food, music, art, fashion, news, tech, gaming, religion and science. With local artists’ music and voiceover support from Caitlin and AJ, the podcast is produced by Steve Davis and Nigel Dobson-Keeffe. It runs weekly and has built a reputation for solicitous reviews of theatre and film. If you have overtaxed your strength, take a break and listen to The Adelaide Show.

3. Australia True Crime

One of the best Australian podcasts ever, True Crime revolves around how people become killers and victims. This serial podcast includes some of the notorious Australian crime stories apart from the high-profile ones. This spectacular podcast is hosted by Meshel Laurie – an author and a radio and television broadcaster – along with Emily Webb who is a crime writer and a journalist. Together they share a passion for stories of crime victims and investigators to whom they interview in every podcast to get a bigger and clearer picture of every case. If you are a fan of crime stories, this podcast will really suit your taste.

4. SleepTalker

A podcast about whatever happens in your head once you doze off, SleepTalker is produced by Bec Fary and tells the listeners about dreams, sleep and nightmares. It runs weekly and tells about the factors that encapsulate our experience of sleep and the way we deal with them during sleep. Most of the episodes are edited single-voice stories with an elusive mix of sound and music. Listen to the most engaging hypnotic stories about sleep at SleepTalker!

5. True Stories

This podcast is an ingenious depiction of Australian assorted lifestyle and diverse society. From high-school adventures to the secret fables of multiculti Australia, True Stories is one of the best-recognized chroniclers with striking music and sound design. Its every season features a different theme where stories are told by an Australian award-winner writer and journalist, Mark Whittaker. Explore cultural diversity in Australia through True Stories.

6. All the Best

Airing since 2010, this weekly podcast and community radio show voice tales through interviews, short-form documentary, fiction and personal account. The best thing about All the Best is that it encourages newbies and people with no experience of radio before and nurtures them through guidance, support and exposure. All the Best has reared young Australian radio talent producing a remarkable number of radio makers. Produced by community radio stations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, this podcast is an impressive shot of Australian life. Take a break and listen to the weekly waggish to deadly serious fables.

7. Not By Accident

It is a biopic podcast series in chummy audio documented by Sophie Harper about her choice of becoming a single mother. Not By Accident intimates the details of Harper’s uncustomary journey to become a single parent. Narrating in a soft and personal tone, Harper tells in this podcast about her changing life, her career, childbirth and the limitless love that bearing a child has unfolded. Involving conversations with friends and family, onlooker recordings, and audio diaries, Not By Accident is an inspiration for all the women.

8. The Real Thing

An energetic, perky and dynamic storytelling podcast with idiosyncratic Australian tales, The Real Thing has conversational and layered style peppered with different voice tones to keep the story more exciting. A jocund gripping documentary with great sound design and self-deprecating and sometimes audacious humour, The Real Thing is a fantabulous addition to your playlist.

9. Australian Hiker

Australian Hiker is a treasure of information for passionate hikers. This serial podcast focuses on hiking trails, provides first-hand independent advice to hikers and provides trail and gear reviews of iconic overseas trails. It is the most downloaded hiking podcast with new episodes released after every two weeks. So, for all the hiking lovers out there, Australian Hiker upfront views based on real-life experience on the trail will surely help you achieve your goals.

10. Running Rugby Podcast

This podcast is owned and run by three Rugby lovers who through weekly episodes touch upon the different flavours of Australian rugby. Started in 2018 by Hughes Sports & Entertainment, Running Rugby starts with Super Rugby season and then gradually switches to International rugby calendar. The boys provide candid views as to how rugby should be played and run. If you want to have more info about rugby, then Running Rugby is just your thing.


Top 10 Australian Podcasts in 2020

Australian podcast culture offers some very exciting, vibrant, thrilling, horrific, whimsical as well as didactic audios. These top podcasts can be your best leisure time companions.



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