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Top 5 Tracks of Axwell & Ingrosso

We know how excited you are to be swept away by music through Axwell & Ingrossos Top 5 Tracks. Australian Unwrapped would like to give you first a glimpse of the life of the artist. Enjoy reading and listening!

All about Axwell & Ingrosso 

Who are Axwell & Ingrosso: The Swedish DJ duo Axwell Λ Ingrosso ranked number ten on the DJ Magazine Top 100 DJ Poll 2011 and number twelve in 2012. During this time, the group released two studio/compilation albums, Until One and Until Now, and eight singles. “Can’t Hold Us Down”, “We Come, We Rave, We Love” were some of their best hits.

Genres: Electro house – Progressive house

Instruments: Digital audio workstation

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 Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso were former members of the famous DJ trio Swedish House Mafia.
Axwell’s passion for music was evident from a young age, where he taught himself to play the drums by the age of nine. 
Axwell’s drum set was exchanged for a computer four years later, and he began to produce electronic music.

We freaking love music here at Unwrapped, and we adore Axwell & Ingrosso. In our humble opinion, here are the BEST FIVE SONGS by the legendary Axwell & Ingrosso (most liked, listened and downloaded songs) across the web!!!

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Five All-Time Best Songs of Axwell & Ingrosso

        1. More Than You Know
        2. Sun Is Shining
        3. Dreamer
        4. I Love You
        5. Something New

More Than You Know

Length: 3:23

Release: 2017

Opening Lyrics:

I saw it coming, from miles away
I better speak up if I got something to say
‘Cause it ain’t over, until she sings
You had your reasons, you had a few
But you knew that I would go anywhere for you
‘Cause it ain’t over, until she sings
I just need to get it off my chest
Yeah, more than you know
Yeah, more than you know
You should know that baby you’re the best
Yeah, more than you know
Yeah, more than you know
Your good intentions are sweet and pure
But they can never tame a fire like yours
No it ain’t over, until she sings

Sun Is Shining

Length: 4:14

Release: 2015

Opening Lyrics:

A simple band of gold
Wrapped around my soul
Hard forgiving, hard forget
Faith is in our hands
Castles made of sand
No more guessing, no regrets
And you came my way on a winner’s day
Shouted loudly come out and play
Can’t you tell I got news for you
Sun is shining and so are you
And we’re gonna be alright
Dry your tears and hold tight
Can’t you tell I got news for you
Sun is shining and so are you


Length: 4:11

Release: 2018

Opening Lyrics:

Heavy on your heart
Heavy on your mind
Wandering the streets tonight
If you’re looking for a home
You are not alone
I can be your guiding line
‘Cause I promise you
I’m a dreamer too
Heavy on my heart
Wandering the streets tonight
When it all counts for something
And your pocket’s full of nothing
Let’s get high on believing
I can promise you
Yes, I am a dreamer too
We are dreamers together
Always and forever

I Love You

Length: 3:10

Release: 2017

Opening Lyrics:

I love you
Even though I don’t like you right now
I want you
Even though you keep breaking me down
We got
Really high highs
Really low lows
But I still love you
Even though I don’t like you right now
I was tryna save us
But you got me looking like the villain
I had a couple mixed drinks
Now I got a couple mixed feelings
I love it, I love it
You know just how to fit in that dress
Then, I don’t like it, I don’t like it
Wish they had a button for your Instagram pic

Something New

Length: 4:07

Release: 2014

Opening Lyrics:

I see the dawn of a new beginning
This time, this time we can’t go home
I hear the streets of tomorrow calling
I go, I go where you go
Cause we belong to something
We belong to something new
In the mist of the midnight hour
You said to me
We are, we are a different kind
Oh, like we’ve been kissed by higher power
Saying, don’t wait, don’t wait until it’s gone
Cause we belong to something
We belong to something
We belong to something new
We belong to something new
We are the ones that will be remembered

Axwell & Ingrosso : A Song List Worth Listening

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